Today, Glenmorangie introduces the third release in the Highland Distillery’s celebrated Bond House No. 1 Collection: Grand Vintage Malt 1993 in select Travel Retail stores. A whisky which reveals the utmost depth and minerality that a Madeira finish can bring to Glenmorangie’s elegant house style.

Matured for a decade in bourbon casks, Grand Vintage Malt 1993 was then finished in Bual Madeira casks for 15 years – unprecedented for Glenmorangie. The limited edition 25-year-old single malt is the first travel retail exclusive in the collection, which explores some of the distillery’s most prized parcels of aged whisky.

Since it was founded in 1843, Glenmorangie has been tireless in the pursuit of perfection. In the same year Glenmorangie’s Grand Vintage Malt 1993 was created, the distillery took a crucial step forward in marrying art and science through the establishment of an in-house sensory laboratory. The new laboratory enables Glenmorangie’s Director of Whisky Creation, Distilling & Whisky Stocks, Dr. Bill Lumsden, to explore the boundaries of his craft like never before.

As the Glenmorangie spirit of 1993 aged, Dr Bill observed it closely until, after ten years in ex-bourbon casks, one parcel came to the fore. Then, he transferred the whisky into casks which once held Bual Madeira, slowly matured in the traditional way, for a rich, bitter-sweet taste. Dr Bill allowed the whisky a full 15 years of finishing – the longest Madeira finish he had ever achieved. Bottled just as its intriguing sharpness found the ultimate balance with Glenmorangie’s complex fruit notes, Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1993 embodies his mastery of whisky making.

“The flinty intensity of Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1993 is a rare tribute to the distillery’s new, more exacting approach to whisky creation,” explains Dr. Bill Lumsden. “Before, we might never have dared such a long finish – and left this expression’s depths undiscovered. With an intriguing mineral note interlaced with its fruity aromas, rich, honeyed tastes and subtle woodsmoke, this whisky’s delicious contrasts will give travelling collectors and visitors to our Highland distillery a unique insight into our Bond House No. 1 Collection.”

Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1993 tasting notes:

ABV: 43%

Color: Bronze gold

Aroma: Rich, fruity and subtly smoky, like fragrant wood smoke, with hints of candied orange peel, cake mix, mint toffee, sultanas and treacle. Follows with a curious herbal note, reminiscent of vine-ripened tomatoes. With water, a flintiness or minerality, and some classic Glenmorangie fruitiness – pears, peaches and oranges

Taste: A rich, oily or spicy mouthfeel leads into a symphony of ripe fruits – peaches, apricot, melon and baked pears.  Sweet vanilla custard, cocoa powder and very gentle spice, such as nutmeg

Finish: A wonderful, lingering sweet aftertaste, with mead, honey, milk chocolate and sugared plums

SRP: $650 – $675 (pending market availability)

Created with the collector in mind, Glenmorangie’s Bond House No. 1 series showcases some of Glenmorangie’s most scarce vintages. The collection takes its name from the largest of Glenmorangie’s 19th century Bonded Warehouses, and for generations, Warehouse No. 1 was home to the distillery’s casks of maturing spirit. In 1990, it was transformed into a majestic new still house – today, Bonded Warehouse No. 1 is the heart of the distillery’s whisky creation.

The Glenmorangie Legends Collection is also exclusive to Travel Retail, which includes:   Glenmorangie Cadboll, extra-matured in ex-sweet French wine casks for delectable sweetness and dessert-like flavors, Glenmorangie Tayne, extra-matured in amontillado sherry casks for a deep, sweet nuttiness and Glenmorangie Duthac, a unique marriage of two whiskies; the first of those was aged in ex-bourbon barrels and finished in ex-Pedro Ximénez sherry casks, while the second summons intense spice from charred virgin oak, resulting in a beguiling paradox of flavors.


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About the Bond House No.1 Collection:

The Bond House No.1 Collection is an exclusive collection of vintage expressions, all exceptionally fine and smooth. The series, which celebrates Glenmorangie’s most prestigious aged whiskies,
has been created for connoisseurs and collectors. It is named after Bonded Warehouse No. 1 – the largest of Glenmorangie’s traditional 19th-century warehouses – transformed into the distillery’s majestic new still house in 1990. Fittingly, Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1990,
released in 2016, was the first expression in the collection. It has been lauded by industry experts, winning first place at the International Whisky Competition (IWC), in the category Single Malt Whisky (Highland) and gold medals at the International Wine and Spirits Competition and the
San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1989, the collection’s second expression, released in 2018, has been rewarded with a gold award at the International Spirits Challenge. At the IWC, it won Best Single Malt Scotch 25 Years and Over.

About Glenmorangie:

Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Whisky originates in the Scottish Highlands where, at
the Glenmorangie Distillery, it is distilled in the tallest malt whisky stills in Scotland for a purer spirit, expertly matured in the finest oak casks for great depth, and perfected by the Men of Tain. The distillery was founded in 1843 and is renowned as a pioneer in its field, uniting tradition with innovation.

About Dr Bill Lumsden:

Dr. Bill Lumsden is Glenmorangie’s acclaimed Director of Whisky Creation, Distilling & Whisky Stocks.  Dr. Bill Lumsden is regarded by the malt whisky industry as an innovator, creating whiskies which have revolutionised the single-malt market. In recognition of his team’s work, The Glenmorangie Company was named Distiller of the Year at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in 2012. Dr. Bill Lumsden, who has a PhD in biochemistry, has combined art and science in his work since he joined The Glenmorangie Company in 1995. He is renowned for his groundbreaking wood management techniques, experimentation with exceptional casks at various ages, and use of wood finishing. Dr. Bill Lumsden has won a series of prestigious awards and accolades. Most recently, he was named as Master Blender/Distiller of the Year by the International Spirits Challenge for 2018 – an award he also won in 2015. He has also won the International Whisky Competition’s award for Master Distiller of the Year 2016 and 2017. He was further honoured with the title of Master Distiller/Blender of the Year, at Whisky Magazine’s Icons of Whisky 2016 awards.

About Glenmorangie’s sensory laboratory:

In 1993, The Glenmorangie Company established its pioneering sensory laboratory, which has helped support the distillery’s exceptional whisky creation ever since. Originally established at the company’s Edinburgh headquarters, it was overseen by the Quality Manager, who ensured that all aspects of whisky creation were subject to the disciplines of the laboratory. As Glenmorangie sought to further its art, individual barley crops would be scrutinised, spirit runs pored over in microscopic detail and maturing casks closely observed and detailed, to allow the vision of Glenmorangie’s whisky creators to flourish unchecked. More than 25 years later, that first laboratory’s principles still play a vital part in the work of the whisky creation team, led by Dr. Bill Lumsden.

Responsible Drinking:

The Glenmorangie Company advocates responsible drinking and suggests that drinkers
savour Glenmorangie whiskies in moderation and in line with recommended daily guidelines
for alcohol consumption.

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