NEWS RELEASE: 11 November 2020

Official Launch of Global Cider Connect in Southern Nagano 2020

On Friday 23 October, co-organizers NPO International Apple and Cidre Association and inCiderJapan officially launched the “Global Cider Connect” project in Southern Nagano, Japan. Over a year in planning, Global Cider Connect 2020 aims to see through to fruition a world-first six-nation cider making collaboration.

Global Cider Connect 2020 brings together cidermakers Æblerov (Denmark), Adle Sidar (Norway), Blake’s Hard Cider (United States), Willie Smith’s Cider Makers (Australia), and Zapiain (Spain) to ultimately spend a week in Japan’s Nagano Prefecture, where they will work in conjunction both individually and collectively with cidermakers of Nagano’s Southern Alps region: Kamoshika Cidery, Farm & Cidery Kaneshige, Kikusui Brewing Co., Marukame Cidery, and VinVie Winery and Cidery.

In addition to the actual cider making, the cidermakers will also be received as special guests of the prefecture to take part in various activities, events, and tours of local areas, akin to a homestay experience. When the ciders are eventually ready, they will be released with as much celebration and fanfare as can be had.

Originally conceived by Lee Reeve, owner-operator of inCiderJapan and leading authority on Japan’s cider scene, market, and industry, his proposal was enthusiastically met by Nagano Prefecture’s authoritative cider body, the NPO International and Cidre Association, and subsequently backed then approved by the local government through a specially created three-year “Tourism through Cider” initiative.

Global Cider Connect seeks to achieve three important goals. First, to foster a meaningful cider information exchange at an international level. Second, to promote Nagano Prefecture as a growing influential cider making centre. Third, to showcase Southern Nagano as a unique tourist destination.

With the advent of COVID-19 and temporary prohibition of open travel to Japan, however, timelines have had to be altered and preparations amended. Much to the relief of everyone involved though is that the project is in fact moving forward, and already the cidermakers have been in communication through videos and soon in online meetings. The entire adventure from start to finish will be documented in various formats, with everything to be published to the public at the end of the journey.

“We’re looking to connect the world through cider and cider tourism,” says Lee. “And we’re staking the future of Nagano Prefecture on the success of both.”


Global Cider Connect 2020 was initially meant to take place November 15-22 in Nagano, Japan, but as the country is currently under a ban imposed on foreign travel due to COVID-19, this date has been postponed until said ban has been lifted. In the meantime, the cidermakers will be in regular communication and participating in online sessions to facilitate an even more productive and memorable visit when they are finally allowed to.


inCiderJapan is a marketing & promotion creative consulting company, internationally recognized for publishing inCiderJapan, Asia’s first and only bilingual magazine dedicated to all things cider. It is also an importer, distributor, and retailer as well as maker of cider & cider-related goods.

NPO International Apple and Cidre Association is a non-profit body consisting of Southern Nagano Prefecture apple farmers, wine and cider makers, and regional tourism officials. They act as the prefecture’s authoritative body on advancing the area’s popularity and relevance through cider. (Japanese only)


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