Breakthrough Wine App Partners With Industry Leading Lifestyle Brand Based In Napa, California

My Wine Society, an innovative wine app that is receiving global recognition for its user engagement, has partnered with Napa’s Feast It Forward, a conscious consumer networking and lifestyle brand. Sean Evans, CEO of My Wine Society, comments on the app’s meaningful partnerships stating, “Having that ability to interact with this level of people within the industry and have their backing and support, I think it speaks a lot to the power of our app and the way in which we hope to really assist the industry in growth and communication.”

The app had their beta launch in July of this year at Feast It Forward’s studio in Napa, California. Katie Hamilton Shaffer, president and founder of Feast It Forward, is also co-founder of My Wine Society. Commenting on the rationale behind the partnership, Hamilton Shaffer stated, “It was just a natural fit with Feast it Forward being all things food, wine and philanthropy and our home base being rooted in the wine country here in California but having the exposure all over the country, it was just a perfect partnership to be able to merge the brands.”

The breakthrough wine app has a multitude of additional partners, including Soiree Home, a house-ware and barware company based in Napa, California. Although highly associated with wine regions such as Napa, California, My Wine Society connects users to wineries and vendors around the globe.

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