January 2018 — Even the company bringing Clydesdale horses through your living room on Super Bowl Sunday knows that craft beer drinkers can’t be ignored. Hosts and hostesses of Feb. 4 parties shouldn’t ignore the preference either, especially when GrowlerWerks’ uKegs are able to pour some of the nation’s best beer, which doesn’t always come in a can.

The stainless-steel uKeg is a pressurized growler that keeps craft beer fresh and carbonated for two weeks or more. It’s right at home on the back of a truck for tailgating and adds good variety to homegating.

Home is where the Super Bowl is, after all. The vast majority of viewers will watch the game from home or at a friend or relative’s house instead of a restaurant or bar. And beer is the adult beverage of choice during the game, according to a recent Nielsen survey. That makes sense. Beer fosters good times and brings people together — even fans of opposing teams.

Bringing people together and having fun wherever beer lovers want to be is why the uKeg was created. With off-premise drinking representing more than 80 percent of overall beer volume, according to the Brewers Association, being able to enjoy fresh pours at home, out in the wilderness or while tailgating gets the win.

These functional mini-kegs are changing how – and how often – people enjoy craft beer. The nation’s brewers are brewing beer not always available in bottles and that’s way too good to pour down the drain when it goes stale in an inferior growler. To fix the problem, GrowlerWerks created a pressurized growler that keeps oxygen away from beer, maintaining perfect carbonation from the first to last pour. Touchdown.

An easy-to-use regulator cap, equipped with a low-cost, food-grade CO2 cartridge, partners with a vacuum-insulated, stainless-steel vessel to make the uKeg’s unique benefits possible. It’s available in both gallon and half-gallon sizes.

The uKeg should be the number-one draft pick for craft beer lovers this Super Bowl. Learn more at www.GrowlerWerks.com.



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