Los Angeles, Calif. – Stella Rosa, born through a rich legacy, continues to lead innovation with the introduction of its new Stella Rosa® Peach Aluminums. The Riboli Family of San Antonio Winery created this highly popular wine with a proprietary blend of several white grape varietals including Moscato with an addition of natural peach flavors that make it truly distinct.

The unique feature of Stella Rosa® aluminum is the slight effervescence in every bottle. Using a proprietary technique, the Riboli family created Stella Rosa Peach, capturing the fresh white peach and honey characteristics. The new Stella Rosa® Peach Aluminums contain natural carbonation using a Charmat-style of fermentation in pressurized tanks, which produces the alcohol and carbonation simultaneously. With an alcohol level of 5.5% and a residual sugar level of 10%, this fun-sized serving is suitable for all types of activities and lifestyles.

Delicate and crisp, this wine will accompany everything from pizza and pasta to fresh fruits and desserts. Riboli Family Wines’ Stella Rosa® Peach Aluminums strike the perfect balance of sweetness that will have your friends coming over all summer long!

With more than four different flavors, Stella Rosa 8.5 oz Aluminum single-serve bottles inspire wine anytime and come in Black, Platinum, Pink and now, Peach. The unique combination of semi-sweet wine and effervescence has made Stella Rosa a one-of-a-kind, leading brand in the wine industry, and the Riboli Family is excited to expand their renowned lineup of Stella Rosa® Aluminums’ flavors. The creators of Stella Rosa wine started their specialty in 1917 and continue to originate beyond their centennial year.

Stella Rosa® Peach Aluminums are being rolled out to retailers across the country throughout the remainder of summer into fall with an SRP of $3.99 for individual bottles and $12.99 for the 4-pack.

About Stella Rosa® Wines:
Award-winning Stella Rosa wines originate from a small town in Northern Italy. Stella Rosa is a selection of wines created and imported by California’s Riboli Family Wine Estates, owned and operated by four generations since its establishment in 1917. For more information, visit www.stellarosawines.com.

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