This story isn’t the one about the celebrities or bored professionals who quit their corporate jobs for a laid-back lifestyle in alcoholic beverages. It’s an underdog adventure created by two friends tired of massive spirits firms dictating that we pour over-priced spirits they independently deemed “exclusive” or re-branded versions of what our parents drank.  We were lucky enough to encounter an industry expert who could help us realize our dreams of changing the conversation about how our social experiences should be and invite you to join the experience! The world doesn’t need another boring craft vodka!

To pour life into this super-social vodka idea, Patrick worked to perfect the trademark logo and design its eye-catching bottle artwork.

Now, to produce some vodka legally…easier said than done.

Despite a few early setbacks with product development and liquor industry regulations, the two were determined to overcome the obstacles. While caddying for spare cash at country clubs on Philadelphia’s Main Line one summer, Matt lucked in to learning about a world-renowned spirits industry veteran working in the region: Riannon Walsh. The three built a relationship together and the rest is history.

From its beginnings, HOLLA Vodka has always been about uniting spirits over social experiences—and rallying the team around the brand concept proved no exception. Together, Patrick, Matt, and Riannon can source, blend, infuse, and bottle premium distilled spirits they’re proud to put up against any of the industry’s best. HOLLA has received recognition with its gold medal in the 2017 Las Vegas Global Spirits Competition and silver medal in the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.  The prestigious 2018 F. Paul Pacult Ultimate Spirits Challenge also awarded HOLLA 93 points, with accolades “excellent, highly recommended” and as a “great value.” The founders encourage you to conduct blind taste tests with your friends! It’s addictive!

As founder of the Whiskies of the World Expo in San Francisco, Riannon oversees all production and quality control for HOLLA’s products. Since she only associates herself with high-quality spirits, HOLLA fans can be assured that what goes into the bottles is exceptional. With her extensive spirits background, the possibilities for future infusions or spirit extensions are nearly endless.

It’s simple. Vodka is simple. We created Holla® out of a desire to be different. Tired of being exploited by global liquor companies and boring craft knockoffs, we followed our instinct to develop high quality spirits that defy traditional gimmicks. We promise to provide fun, accessible, transparent, and genuinely inclusive spirits to hopefully bring some positivity to your social experiences. It could get a little weird or edgy at times, but it’s time for some youthful creativity in this stale industry!

This started with two friends and has evolved to include thousands of more fans that live, act, think, and drink like us. We don’t care what you drink, as long as you have a great time doing it. We are excited to continue building a portfolio of first class artisanal products, and invite you to join us in this journey! For the latest, please follow our social media accounts @hollaspirits! We love meeting our fans at tastings and events, so keep an eye out for when we host near you!

Sincere thanks!

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