Colorado company Tru Elixirs introduces the world to original concepts for CBD drinks.


Littleton, CO (12/1/2020)

Tru Elixirs recently launched a line of unique CBD-infused products including a first-of-its-kind cocktail/mocktail mixer and a pickle juice shooter they’re calling “a hangover’s worst enemy”. Tru’s all-natural beverages use a “broad-spectrum” hemp extract which means they have a healthy dose of CBD as well as CBG, CBC, and other cannabinoids/terpenes that are only found in the cannabis plant (yet there’s 0.00% THC). They’re getting noticed, too. They’re even winning awards for their break-out style of functional beverages.

“We’ve been working on these recipes for years,” says company founder Greg Skufca, “and we use nothing but the best ingredients in our products. For example, all our extracts come from sustainable Colorado hemp farms and they’re processed using organic ingredients.” Skufca, owner of Tru Pickles, was the inspiration behind the gourmet pickle juice the company uses in their CBD Picklebacks. “That’s an old family secret,” he explains, and the reason they say it’s good for hangovers is because pickle juice has 10x the electrolytes of sports drinks, so you can just imagine how that – plus nutraceutical CBD extracts – might be beneficial.

Meanwhile, Tru Elixirs also introduced “Ginja”, which is a completely original and innovative concept. It’s a concentrated cannabis cocktail mixer made from a reduction of fresh ginger root, lemon juice, cane sugar, and caffeinated teas. Then they add 100mg of pure CBD in a potent broad-spectrum extract, and it can be poured and presented in a variety of different ways (add it to cocktails, mocktails, sodas, teas, hard seltzers, etc). It’s basically a tasty additive to any drink, and it’s got a healthy dosage of CBD and potent cannabis extracts to boot.

Tru Elixirs garnished national attention recently too when they were presented with multiple awards by the Cannabis Cocktails Collective ( for their “Best of the Best” categories. The Ginja received “Best Original CBD Cocktail Mixer” and their CBD Picklebacks received “Best CBD Shooter”.

These products are currently being represented by Colorado Craft Distributors and available for sale at liquor stores and retail locations throughout the state of Colorado. Tru Elixirs is also looking for wholesale representation in other states (inquire below), and you can buy these products online through their website:

  • New company introduces innovative cannabis & CBD-infused cocktail mixers
  • All-natural ingredients (vegan, non-GMO, gluten & preservative-free)
  • Pharmaceutical-grade CBD (“nano” formulation to increase bioavailability)
  • Currently distributed throughout CO (seeking distribution in other states)
  • All products now available for sale through their website


Company Info:

Tru Elixirs focuses on the development and production of high-quality cannabis cocktail mixers and innovative CBD-infused drinks. They’re located in Littleton, CO and their executive team consists of pickle pros, beverage experts, executive chefs, and cannabis connoisseurs with decades of combined experience.



Greg Skufca

720 536 3600


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