The first Cabernet Franc released in Lang & Reed’s distinctive Monograph Collection

St. Helena, CA, December 16, 2020 – Exploring the varied charms of Cabernet Franc, Lang & Reed Napa Valley launches its first wine from the Monograph Collection, 2007 Article no. 33. Monograph Collection wines are unique, single-lot offerings, each with its own story. Reflecting unique terroir, growing seasons, and clonal selection, along with the influence of barrel regime and aging, the Lang & Reed Monograph Collection shines the light on the excellence of this noble variety. Spotlighting just that, this single barrel lot of 2007 Article no. 33 monographs the remarkable encounter of inspiration in the vineyard and with the magic in the cellar.

In the late spring of 2005, Lang & Reed Winemaker John Skupny was invited to participate in what has become known as the ‘World Famous French Tree Auction’ in Calistoga, CA. It was here that he acquired a single oak tree growing in the famous forest of Troncais in the center of France. This mighty tree, certified as Article no.33, was among the few survivors of the devastating windstorms of 1999. Ready to fell, the resulting stave wood was air-dried for 2 ½ years and coopered to John’s specifications. With such a special barrel at hand and the renowned 2007 vintage resting in the cellar, John knew only a worthy lot of Cabernet Franc would do. This one lot, whose grapes were sourced from vines grafted with Clone Entav 214 of Loire Valley origin and planted on the ideal rocky soils of Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard, called out and the one-barrel racking was complete. The resulting wine was bottled in June of 2010 after 32 months of barrel aging. 2007 Article no. 33 is now available. ($125) Visit Lang & Reed: website.

Inspired by the world’s finest Cabernet Franc and passionate about its home in the Napa Valley, Winemaker John Skupny raises the bar with this exclusive Monograph Collection.  Every so often, among all the wines resting in the cellar, there is one barrel or one tiny lot of Cabernet Franc that sings out as something quite stunning, almost magical, setting it apart from all the others. It could be the influence of captivating terroir discovered to exist only in a given plot of vineyard, or the charm of a distinctive cooperage of French oak found to enhance a wine that transcends the ordinary. Perhaps it is the alchemy of root stock and clone grafted in partnership long ago, an extraordinary planting that defies the norm. Wines in the Monograph Collection have such a story to tell, one that is theirs and theirs alone.

One of the few wineries in Napa Valley to specialize in 100% Cabernet Franc, Lang & Reed’s wine producing Skupny family has been creating expressive wines that are enjoyable to drink since 1996. Winemaking is a form of storytelling for the Skupny family, and Lang & Reed wines tell a tale of a multi-generational family business and their wonderful wine-filled life together. With their newly opened tasting salon right off the hub of St Helena’s Main Street, Lang & Reed’s Tracey, John, Reed and Megan Skupny offer intimate, appointment-only tastings that allow visitors to get to know the family behind the brand, while they impart their affection for Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc. To learn more about Lang & Reed Napa Valley,  Article no. 33 and other upcoming wine releases, visit their website( and follow them on Instagram (@langandreed) and Facebook (@langandreed)).

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