In November, a strategic partnership was announced between Liberation Distribution (LibDib) and Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC). Launched in March 2017, LibDib introduced a technology-based model to the three-tier distribution system, opening California and New York markets to makers (and orders) of all sizes. Wholesale alcohol beverage distributor RNDC currently operates in 22 states. By combining, LibDib client makers will have access to many additional markets, while RNDC will use LibDib technology and data collection to expand its value and services.

“Technology is evolving this industry at an incredible pace, and innovation is the key to the future of wholesale alcohol sales and distribution,” said Tom Cole, CEO of RNDC, at the time of the announcement. “The combined force of RNDC and LibDib will offer new, fully three-tier compliant solutions at both ends of the distribution process.”

On the heels of this announcement came word of a LibDib partnership with Capitol-Husting Company, Inc. (CHC), a family-owned and -operated alcohol wholesale business in Wisconsin. “We’re excited to bring LibDib’s innovative approach to the three-tier system to the state of Wisconsin,” said CHC owner and President Greg Alevizos. “[This] partnership provides extensive new distribution options for small, craft producers at a time when consumer demand for these products continues to rise.”

LibDib’s innovative, technology-based solution for three-tier compliance continues to spread, giving small craft producers access to markets that would have been out of reach previously.