’Tis the time of year to celebrate, raise a glass (or three), and let those around you know how much they mean to you. If you’re searching for just the right something for a colleague, neighbor, loved one, or even for yourself, we’ve compiled some of the best gift ideas for those in the beverage business—or those who just like to drink. From classy to silly to WTF, you’ll find it here.

For a Spirited December

Advent Calendars filled with booze will put anyone in the proper holidaze state of mind. Available in American whiskey, Armagnac, bourbon, Cognac, gin, Japanese whisky, mezcal, rum, vodka, scotch, tequila, and more.  www.masterofmalt.com


For the Break-In Artist

Imagine the look on their face when they see the laser-etched crowbar needed to break into the sealed crate to get at the personalized decanter and rocks glasses, along with coasters, ice sphere molds, whiskey journal and snacks carefully tucked inside. Best part? No ribbon, bows, or—heaven forbid—instructions.  www.mancrates.com


For the Adventurous Palate

This selection of beautifully crafted shrubs is made of organic or GMO-free fruit, cane sugar, vinegar, and aromatics, with no concentrates or artificial ingredients. Flavors that include spicy ginger, peach, red grapefruit, Yucatan honey, and blood orange are guaranteed to brighten cocktails and sodas.  www.shrubandco.com


 For the Accessory Obsessed

Precociousness just got cleverly boozy, with this iridescent bracelet flask, ideal for mood adjustment while holiday shopping or on the way to a party where this may just be the brightest part of the soiree.  www.helloblush.com

For Silver Linings

This beautiful, limited edition 2017 Patrón Silver Tequila is inspired by Mexico’s rich heritage of art deco design. The one-liter bottle features a black and silver handcrafted pewter label that’s intricately adorned with detailed geometric lines and the iconic Patrón bee, then topped with a beautifully crafted cork closure in black and silver, mirroring the art deco aesthetic of the label. The ultra-premium Patrón Silver tequila inside is also classic, stylish, and modern, perfect for sipping or mixing into a holiday cocktail. www.reservebar.com

For the Cocktail Maven

Give your favorite cocktail lover monthly inspiration for new ways to mix it up with this striking 2018 desktop calendar. Each month has a yummy cocktail recipe to try, with a little fun fact about the history of each drink. Great holiday gift tags, too.  www.skyofbluecards.com


For the Cold-Hearted Purist

Nothing is as critical to the enjoyment of a fine spirit as good ice. Luckily, this ice chest and ice baller combo creates the perfect sphere. Special trays for perfect cubes, too. The secret to clear ice? Hot water. And plenty of storage room in your freezer.  www.wintersmiths.com


For the historian

Highland Park’s newest addition to its core range, MAGNUS, celebrates the distillery’s founder Magnus Eunson, a butcher and church officer by-day and bootlegger by-night. Brave, irreverent and enterprising, Magnus was a direct descendant of the Vikings who settled on Orkney hundreds of years ago. His legacy of attention to detail and passion for whisky making remains today and little has changed in the way Highland Park is crafted in more than 220 years. www.highlandparkwhisky.com

For the Cautious Consumer

Want to sample wines without committing to a 750? Boutique Wine Club has the solution. The Boutique Wine Sampler is a curated collection of six 375ml bottles showcasing artisan wines from either Santa Barbara or Paso Robles, California. Each wine is produced by highly skilled, small-production winemakers who consistently earn scores of 90+ from the wine rating services. boutiquewinebox.com

For a Delicious Read

The Winemakers of Paso Robles is a breathtakingly beautiful, large format book. Photographer Julia Pèrez, spent a year behind the cellar door, in the vineyards, and at the tasting rooms uncovering the struggles and successes of the artists, scientists, and magicians—more commonly referred to as winemakers—who are establishing this region of California as a world-class wine region. thewinemakersseries.com


For the Budding Brewer 

This Blend Like a Brewer variety pack is ideal for adventurous beer drinkers looking for creative new takes on New Belgium favorites. The pack features six beers (two each of Fat Tire Belgian White, 1554, Citradelic Tangerine IPA, Abbey, Trippel, and Cellar Blender (a dark, wood-aged sour ale fermented with fruit that you won’t find anywhere else). Recipe recommendations for blending the beers together from New Belgium brewers are included in the pack, along with food pairings. www.newbelgium.com


(For more ideas for beer lovers, check out this blog from The Groomstand: “5 Gifts Only a Beer Lover Will Love“)

For Popping a Top

This is a show-stopping way to get the top off a beer or soda pop. Handmade from antique steel railroad spikes, these openers are coated to preserve the patina and sport a handsome leather lanyard. Just don’t drop one on your naked foot.  www.shop.coolmaterial.com


For Seasonal Sips

Sonoma Syrup Co. has released a peppermint simple syrup just in time for the holidays. This organic cane sugar-based syrup is the perfect flavor to bring seasonal warmth and happiness to the conscious consumer. Made from the only the finest ingredients, this new infused simple syrup is especially delicious in the beverages of the season, such as peppermint hot cocoa, mochas, and even over ice cream, but can also be used in cocktails, baked goods, sodas, baked goods and more. sonomasyrup.com


For the Nerd Who Drinks

The Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy is the go-to book for anyone who loves nerdy pop culture and booze. All cocktail recipes were created and tested by Andy Heidel, owner of The Way Station, a Dr. Who-themed bar in New York City. In addition to clever word play (Shirley Temple of Doom, George R.R. Martini, Blade Rummer), the anecdotes, asides, and in-jokes will keep the geeks on your list entertained for days.  us.macmillan.com

For Rocky Rocks

Skip the watery side effects of ice in your favorite malted spirit. These solid spheres and cubes (available in stainless steel, soapstone, basalt, and more) work more efficiently and faster than ice and keep the low notes singing in your favorite neat whiskey.  www.jamesanthonycollection.com


For Dessert Lovers

The holidays call for decadent, ultra-rich desserts: How can you eat figgy pudding or fruitcake without a buttery, boozed-up topping? Give your favorite hostess a jar of caramel bourbon or chocolate bourbon hard sauce…and don’t forget one of each for yourself.  www.1812house.com


For a Surprising Zing

Up Mountain Switchel is a delicious addition to any classic drink. Used as a mixer, or just by itself, Up Mountain Switchel’s fresh ginger, raw organic apple cider vinegar, and pure Grade A maple syrup is a must have beverage for all, produced within a non-GMO, Organic and Vegan supply chain. drinkswitchel.com


For the Altruistic Barhound

For every bottle of Simple Vodka produced, 20 meals are donated to the hungry through partnerships with local and national hunger relief programs like Feeding America. The gluten-free, potato vodka supports sustainable, local production systems, as the distillery’s eco-friendly manufacturing methods include using sustainable energy sources, wastewater recycling and byproduct up cycling. Delightful alone of in a seasonal cocktailsimplevodka.co


For the DIY Type

With infusions being used more and more in spirits, teas, tinctures, and more, 1PT (“one part”) offers a handcrafted line of expertly blended, vibrant, and exotic dry infusion blends, including citrus, mint, floral, chili, cinnamon, chocolate, and smoky. It’s an easy way for enthusiasts to create their own personal creations.  www.teroforma.com


For the Thirsty Brew Lover

Beer culture is known for brewing up wicked cute names, but for unabashed shtick, it’s hard to beat He’brew beers. Try Hanukkah, a golden ale with cocoa nibs, or Funky Jewbelation, a sour aged in bourbon and rye barrels. L’chaim!  www.shmaltzbrewing.com 


For Star-Struck Sippers

This stellar collection of beautifully etched glassware for beer, booze, wine, and sparkling is engraved with constellations or more earthly locations, including famous landmarks, state maps, island maps, college towns, and more. Adorable A Christmas Carol rocks glasses or growlers can make the season so much merrier.  www.uncommongreen.com


For the Bourbon Boaster

Why does 95 percent of bourbon come from Kentucky? It’s the water. Old Limestone is the purest limestone filtered water for properly diluting your hard stuff. You can’t drink “bourbon and branch” (the Kentucky word for creek) without it!  www.oldlimestone.com


For the Frequent Flyer

Who needs first class? Just order the booze and mix your own old fashioned, margarita, gin and tonic, Moscow mule or hot toddy. There’s even a Champagne cocktail with elderflower syrup. All designed so that two can fly higher, in style.  www.uncommongoods.com


For Unique Tropicality

Sourced from young Thai coconuts, Amy & Brian coconut water has a natural sweetness and well-rounded coconut taste with no added sugar. Available in a variety of flavors (including original, with pulp, lime, grape, and cinnamon), it’s a great way to add a unique flair to your tropical cocktails. www.amyandbriannaturals.com


For the Agitated Angler

Fishing is a notorious exercise in patience, so bait that tackle box with this handy four-ounce fish flask. It can hold just enough chill juice to keep spirits warm until the fish decide to bite.  www.shop.coolmaterial.com


For the Safe Drive Home

Everyone who works in—or knows someone who works in—the booze world should consider one of these handy breathalyzers. Several models are available, but we like the Vio, which is small enough to be inconspicuous and works with a smartphone. You can even call an Uber directly from the app. The ultimate way to show you care.  backtrack.com