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MEMPHIS – Cheers to the high-tech future of bar inventory, where a pour’s a pour and a shot’s a shot as a start-up takes a shot at liquor losses in bars and restaurants.

WeighUp, the Memphis-based brainchild of point-of-sale systems leader Everything But The Food, has raised more than $1 million toward the launch of its liquor-tracking technology for bars and restaurants. “Our goal is to give restaurant and bar operators actionable data on how liquor is being poured,” said WeighUp’s Brian Edwards. “By capturing each liquor pour in real-time and reconciling pours with the establishment’s point-of-sale data, we’re giving operators access to information they’ve never had before by telling them how accurate each drink is made.”

Edwards conceived WeighUp as an accountability measure for bar and restaurant operators’ estimated $10 billion a year in liquor losses, according to Hotel Business Review. “We want to help put that money back in operators’ pockets,” Edwards said. “Currently the industry averages about 20-25 percent shrinkage, so there is a lot of room to move the needle. By using WeighUp, operators can hold employees accountable while shoring up their bottom lines.”

“WeighUp liquor management gives bar and restaurant operators insight into their bartenders’ behavior,” said lead investor Jim Dorris. “It will revolutionize the bar inventory process by instantly telling operators how much is in each and every bottle.”

“This technology is going to be a game-changer for portion control and in-house theft,” said Jay Kupiszewski, owner of Booya’s Burritos, Burgers & Sports Bar in Collierville, Tennessee.

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