Midas Mead, the luxury meadery, has been named as one of three finalists for South Wales Chamber of Commerce’s prestigious E-Commerce Business of the Year Award.
Midas Mead is the UK’s only luxury and bespoke meadery specialising in exclusive, numbered public batches of the honey wine. Midas Mead also offers a unique, all encompassing, bespoke service. This tailors to any desire, from custom mead to bespoke bottles, thus making the already rare drink truly one of a kind.
Having built a reputation as a sustainable, carbon negative company, Midas Mead is cutting a new path in the drinks industry. Not constrained to the shelves of an aisle or an industrial estate, Midas has flourished in the countryside air succeeding in capturing all the flavours of the Welsh country flowers.
Being a finalist for E-Commerce Business of the Year, Midas Mead has shown how the conscious business today uses technology more effectively to reduce their emissions. This fusion of modern technology and traditional methods to improve every part of the business has become a hallmark of Midas Mead.

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