Western Square Industries of Stockton, California is pleased to announce that it has completed plans for converting its largest powder coating system. The operation includes a new state of the art powder coating booth and applicators with a complete plug and play filtering system leading to great improvements in ease of use, color changing, improved quality and labor efficiency.
“One of our long-term goals has been to automate our operations,” said Trygve Mikkelsen, Western Square’s CEO. “In order to maintain high quality in our powder coating we wash and prepare all of our products in an automated fashion. The new method of applying the powder itself adds to the automation and efficiency. This lowers our risk of worker injury and improves our quality in this highly controlled and automated environment.”
Kyle Rossler, Western Square’s President added; “Western Square’s largest volume products, such as four-barrel racks, will be uniformly coated with the highest possible quality. This is what our customers have come to expect in all of our products. I am looking forward to showing our customers the long-term effect of these improvements.”
Russell Danero, Western Square’s Purchasing Manager who is also in charge of safety, said: “We believe we will use less powder by controlling waste, less energy and protect our work force from injury with these improvements”.
Larry Bartko, Western Square’s Chief Engineer in charge of the installation added: ”The complete project represents a major investment in new technology, improved layout of the work and physical changes to some previously installed machinery. The main powder coating system at Western Square consists of four pieces of machinery, each one bigger than your average living room. This last addition completes the modernization of this system.”
“Western Square Industries Inc. expects the investment to pay for itself in three years. This investment leads to great improvements for us as a manufacturer and our customers through increased capacity, rapid response to color changes and quality control,” said Trygve Mikkelsen.
Western Square is the world market leader in the manufacturing of barrel racks and barrel pallets for the winery, brewery and distillery industries. Western square is also active worldwide in the manufacturing and sales of specialized racks for the bottled water industry. The company has a farm equipment division and a vineyard equipment division in addition to the two specialized rack product categories.
Western Square products are manufactured in America.
For more information, contact:
Western Square Industries
1621 N. Broadway, Stockton, CA 95205
Tel: 209 944-0921 or fax: 209 944 0934
Website: www.westernsquare.com

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