How Britain’s foremost Luxury meadery became one of the country’s greenest companies.


Nestled in the rolling hills of West Wales, Midas Mead’s main premise looks nothing more than a picturesque country cottage, yet this is home to one of the country’s most exclusive luxury brands.

Specialising in batches with no more than 50 hand etched bottles, Midas Mead is the most exclusive meadery in the world, with a price tag to match. Selling for £99, each bottle is a hand etched piece of artwork with a certificate of authenticity signed by their award winning head brewer.

For those uninitiated, mead is wine made from honey, much as normal wine is made from grapes or cider from apples. Widely considered the oldest alcoholic drink in the world, the history of mead can be traced back to 2500 BC but with potential evidence as far back as 7000 BC.

So what does such an ancient drink, from a luxury brand have to do with modern energy efficiency and sustainable business?

Midas’s ethos has always been about combining the ancient with the cutting edge, nowhere is this truer than in their environmental practises. Thanks to their fusion of traditional hand production methods and innovative insulation, twinned with targeted heating, this meadery runs on only 60W of power, the equivalent to a single lightbulb. For this incredible feat they have just been shortlisted for Footprint Drink’s Energy Efficiency Award.

Being one to strive for improvement, Midas Mead has not only reduced their energy use, but also made efforts to make every part of the business is environmentally friendly. From their bio-degradable packaging and sustainable wicker hampers, to their honey sourced less than 5 miles from the meadery, every effort has been made to reduce the impact this business has on the environment. Where other companies measure food miles of their produce, the mead inside each bottle from Midas is measured in yards and feet rather than miles.

But even that was not good enough for Midas, striving not just to make no impact but to actually improve the dire situation of our planet. For the past year and a half they have been running their own tree planting initiative, planting thousands of trees themselves with volunteers from the company doing their part to help out and run this reforestation program. This initiative not only offsets the carbon emissions of the company but actually make Midas Mead one of only a handful of Carbon Negative companies. That is, the company actually has a net intake of CO2, with theirs in the region of hundreds of thousands of kilograms of CO2 being taken in each year.

So take a sip to do your bit for the planet.

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