Midas Mead has become one of three new companies to be selected as a winner of One Planet’s prestigious Start-up of the Year for Consumer Products Award.

Midas Mead is the UK’s only Luxury and Bespoke Meadery specialising in exclusivity through small, high quality, public batches. Midas Mead also offer a unique, all encompassing, bespoke service tailored to any desire, thus making the already rare drink truly one of a kind.

Midas Mead’s worldwide recognition as “the most exclusive mead in the world” secured their winning place in the One Planet Awards. As well as being a leading brand in the mead industry, Midas Mead also leads the sector in environmentalism by being a carbon negative company. Through their reforestation program storm damaged ancient woodland is regenerated. With a companywide focus on sustainable production, Midas has again shown their care and attentiveness towards their craft.

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