How, when, and why did you get into the wine business?

I went to Germany as an AFS foreign exchange student in 1972 and was placed in a winemaking region and with a family with extended ties to the wine industry. I came home knowing I wanted to become a winemaker. I soon went back to Germany, living with the same family, and went to viticulture and enology school there.


When did you found Scott Harvey Wines?

Scott Harvey Wines is a dba or brand of Creative Wine Concepts that my wife, Jana, and I founded in 2005.


Share a proud professional moment

Two things: First, I’m known for creating blends that appeal to the American palate. I’m best known for creating Menage a Trois. Second, I’m focused on trying to produce the best varietal barbera in the world. I’ve been making Amador barbera for 47 years now. Our first Scott Harvey barbera was judged in Italy and rated third best in the world.


What’s been your biggest challenge in 2020?

Rapidly changing gears to deal with the winery closures due to COVID-19.


What keeps you grounded?

Love of life and love of my wife.


What beverage is inspiring you right now?

I like Clark Smith’s wines, WineSmith. He’s a great thinker and has done much to improve the overall quality of California wine. Check out Clarks book, Post Modern Winemaking.


Who do you admire?

My mentor, Dr. Richard Peterson, not only as a winemaker but also as a life coach. Check out Dr. Peterson’s book, The Winemaker.


How does it feel to be one of the Most Admired?

Great! I want California, and especially Amador County, to succeed. When your goal is bigger than yourself, your attitude makes you helpful to anyone who needs it.

I love people who love wine.