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Industry-Favorite Bittercube Announces New Business Specializing in Craft Liqueurs


MILWAUKEE, WI (July 2018) –  Bittercube Bitters, the nationally recognized line of slow-crafted artisanal bitters, which has garnered praise in the cocktail industry for nearly a decade, has announced the launch of a new brand, Heirloom Liqueurs.  

For the past three years, Bittercube founders Nicholas Kosevich and Ira Koplowitz, along with Heirloom co-founder and longtime Bittercube employee, Brandon Reyes, have thoughtfully developed the new line of handcrafted liqueurs, which expertly blends tradition and creativity by offering innovative and exciting flavor profiles on centuries old liqueur recipes.  The first four Heirloom products feature classic, however, exotic styles: Genepy, Creme de Flora, Pineapple Amaro, and Alchermes.     

“Through our combined decades of experience behind the bar, and consulting for bar programs across the country, we have gained a deep understanding of the history of liqueurs and the necessity of having high-quality product when crafting cocktails,” said Nick Kosevich.  “We chose to introduce these first four styles because of their rich histories, and wanted to honor that by carefully developing the flavor profiles to showcase both tradition and innovation.”

GENEPY:  Genepy is a classic alpine liqueur composed of mountain herbs and flowers. Historically produced in Switzerland, Italy and France by monks, farmers and explorers, styles vary region to region. They share a common thread of verdant: springtime aromatics. Some styles veer deep into robust flavors, while others maintain a delicate, sweet profile. Heirloom Genepy was developed in the Bittercube apothecary and gathers inspiration from a variety of Artemitis plants, while bridging the gap between robust varieties and more subtle variations. With respect for the category, this modern Genepy was formulated with bright alpine botanicals, and mellowed with honey. Intended to be used both as a mixer in cocktails, as well as enjoyed neat, the proof and sweetness are balanced for versatility and flexibility. Heirloom Genepy will showcase beautifully in classic cocktails, such as the Champs Elysees, Bijou and the Last Word.

CREME DE FLORA:  In Italy, this style of liqueur is known as ‘Millefiori’, which translates to ‘a thousand flowers’. Millefiori is made from seasonal blooms and recipes vary drastically from region to region. Being one of the most time-honored Italian liqueurs, there have been a very large number of variations throughout history. The team first developed Creme de Flora in 2009 and have since refined it. Heirloom Creme de Flora was created with some of their favorite flowers, resulting in a versatile liqueur that can serve as an aperitif or to provide nuance to a cocktail. Try it in an Aviation, Champagne Cocktail, or as a replacement for orange liqueur in a Sidecar.

PINEAPPLE AMARO:  Amaro is a style of liqueur known for its bitterness (Amaro translates to bitter in Italian), and there are dozens, if not hundreds, of Amari on the market.  Some are expressions of the terroir where they are made, and others are pure explorations in flavor, using ingredients sourced from around the world. Heirloom Pineapple Amaro is uniquely born out of years of experience making bitters, analyzing flavors, and is a wholly original product. It’s lighter-bodied and composed of tropical ingredients including Victorian pineapple and Jamaican Quassia bark.  Use this rich and fruity, yet sophisticated and bitter, Pineapple Amaro as an ideal cocktail ingredient or neat pour digestivo.

ALCHERMES:  A fabled potion dating back to the 8th century, many versions have been crafted throughout history. Known for its healing properties, the kermes potion traveled from the middle east to Europe, where it became a highly prized beverage. Alchermes, now nearly extinct, was originally colored with Kermes, a small insect, and is now colored with another insect, Cochineal. Alchermes is scarlet in color, and most frequently composed of warm aromatic spices and herbs. It has been used not only as an enjoyable drink, but as a confectionary ingredient as well. Historic varieties were made with crushed pearls, silk and gold flakes. Heirloom Alchermes forgoes the jewels, and uses whole botanicals and spices for the aromatics and flavor. Ancient, warm, dusty, and mysterious. Delicious in a Negroni, an Alkermes Spritz or as a modifier in a sour or fizz.

“We’ve built a following over the past 10 years and we’re proud of the relationships we’ve cultivated with bartenders, bar owners, home consumers, and distributors in that time,” added Ira Koplowitz.  “We created Heirloom, through extensive research, development, and innovation, with the intention of taking our love of botanicals from our bitters production on a new adventure that we could share with our colleagues and the world.”  

“We noticed a need for modifiers in our market, which drove us to begin experimenting with our own variations of liqueurs,” Brandon Reyes weighed in. “Given our access to a vast library of flavor, we realized we could make liqueurs that stand proudly, with both cost and quality in mind. The attraction to Heirloom is that we’re able to provide quality liqueurs made with whole botanicals at an approachable pricepoint for bars and consumers alike. Each of our products comes from our unique perspective and is a sincere tribute to the world of liqueurs.”

Heirloom Liqueurs will be available for wholesale and consumer purchase in the Midwest this fall before a national launch in 2019.  For more information visit

ABOUT BITTERCUBE: Bittercube Bitters were founded as a passion project in 2009. The first commercially available Bittercube Bitters batches hit the market in July of 2010 and since then the company has grown from producing one-gallon jars of bitters to 210-gallon batches.   Bittercube Bitters are produced with real botanicals and high-quality base spirits to create densely flavored bitters being unique to each style, can take as long as twenty-five days to complete. For more information or to explore Bittercube Bitters’ full product line visit

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