System harnesses the power of billions of worms and microbes
to remove 95-99% of contaminants from wastewater

WALLA WALLA, Wash. (November 5, 2019)—Northstar Winery, the leading producer of premium Merlot in the Walla Walla Valley, is pleased to announce that it is the first winery in Washington state to employ the Biofiltro BIDA® system to recycle its wastewater. The system became operational on October 16 and uses 95% less energy than traditional wastewater treatment systems, recycling 100% of winery wastewater in eight hours.

“We were looking to update our wastewater processing system and Biofiltro offered an innovative and sustainable solution,” says David Merfeld, winemaker at Northstar. “We’re excited to be able to reuse 100% of our filtered wastewater.”

The installation was led by Walla Walla-based Organix, Inc, Biofiltro’s distribution partner in the Northwest. Catalyzing the digestive power of billions of worms and microbes, the patented BIDA System quickly filters out wastewater contaminants. Water is applied intermittently to the biofilter via a surface irrigation system and then percolates down through various medias where contaminants are trapped and digested by a biofilm; the result of the symbiotic relationship forged between the worms and microbes in the system. Burrowing in search of solids, the worms create air channels and castings which nourish films of microbe colonies consuming dissolved and soluble contaminants. Water ultimately drains out of the system via exit pipes where it can be reutilized.

It is estimated that the filtration system at Northstar will recycle approximately 283,200 gallons of wastewater each year.

About Northstar Winery:

Since its inaugural 1994 vintage, Walla Walla’s Northstar Winery has produced exceptional, critically-acclaimed Merlots from the very best grapes grown in the Walla Walla and Columbia Valleys. Heralded as one of Washington state’s leaders in producing high-quality Merlot, Northstar has led the renaissance of the varietal, acclaimed as the “number one source for good American Merlot” by The New York Times. For more information on Northstar, visit

About BioFiltro:

BioFiltro is a global company that provides patented worm powered wastewater solutions across four continents and six industries. Its systems are currently operating in over 160 plants and have collectively filtered more than 36 billion gallons of sanitary and industrial liquid waste in areas even as remote as Antarctica and the Atacama Desert.

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