November 5, 2019 – Madison, Wisc. –Plain Spoke Cocktail Co., the Midwest-based canned cocktail company, announced today the launch of its newest cocktail, Brandy Old Fashioned. This is the fourth canned cocktail in its portfolio, along with Moscow Mule, Bourbon Smash and Mojito. Plain Spoke’s Brandy Old Fashioned will hit shelves in the first week of November across Wisconsin and Minnesota, offering consumers a warming seasonal canned cocktail this fall and winter season.

“You can’t get more classic than an Old Fashioned,” says Tom Dufek, co-founder of Plain Spoke Cocktail Co. “But here in Wisconsin, we make ours with brandy instead of bourbon or rye. The result is a bit warmer, but still spirit forward and incredibly smooth. We’re very excited to share one of our iconic state drinks with the rest of the Midwest.”

Brandy Old Fashioned product specs include:

  •  ABV: 10%
  •  Ingredients: Aged Brandy, lemon-lime sparkling seltzer, Bittercube Trinity bitters, pure cane sugar
  •  Price: 4-pack for $12.99
  •  Tasting notes: warming, fall spices, spirit-forward with citrus notes
  •  Serving suggestions: chilledThe Brandy Old Fashioned stems back to the 1800s, when Europeans brought brandy to the states as a reminder of home. Today, the Wisconsin recipe is served sweet or sour. Plain Spoke’s uses a homemade lemon-lime seltzer and Milwaukee-based Bittercube Bitters ’ Trinity. Combining a blend of cherry bark vanilla, orange and Bolivar bitters, these ingredients create citrus and floral aromas with flavors of oak and dried fruits. Additionally, the brandy is sourced from California, aged for 24-30 months in oak barrels.

    Consumers can look to find Brandy Old Fashioned at retailers including Total Wine, MGM, Woodman’s, Lunds & Byerlys and more.

    About Plain Spoke Cocktail Co.

    Founded in 2018 by award-winning bartender Tom Dufek, Plain Spoke offers high-quality, ready-to-drink drink canned cocktails outside of the bar, never sacrificing flavor for convenience. The company’s unique canning process keeps its versatile cocktails fresher longer. The cans also protect the product better, keep it fresher and are better for the environment. You can enjoy them at the lake, backyard, and wherever your adventures take you.

    For more information visit and follow along on social media @plainspokecocktails.

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