Proprietary Distillation Process Results in a Luxury Tequila of Unparalleled Flavor Made With 100% Blue Agave

New York, NY – Oct. 13, 2020 –PaQuí Tequila is officially launching to the trade in six states, including NY, CA, FL, GA, SC and TN. PaQuí is an exciting addition to the Tequila category because it was specially created to express the best parts of the blue agave fruit’s more than 600 aroma and flavor compounds, avoiding the harsh bite of most Tequilas.

All three expressions of PaQuí Tequila – Silvera, Reposado and Añejo – are also available for retail purchase online at, with shipping to 40 states and Washington D.C.

“I created PaQuí because I felt there had to be a better tasting Tequila – one that fully expresses the beautiful aromas and flavors of the blue agave fruit, without the harsh bite that is so common in Tequila,” said PaQuí founder John Chappell. “I wanted to create a Tequila that is a pure pleasure to sip and enjoy in cocktails.”

A top finding in PaQuí’s consumer research uncovered that while a lot of people love the idea of Tequila, they don’t actually love the actual liquid. So founder John Chappell found a master distiller in Jalisco, Mexico – the highly respected Gilberto Jasso — who knew a different way to make Tequila.

Flavorful PaQuí Tequila stands out from other luxury Tequilas thanks to three key differentiators in the production process:

1) Only agave piñas that reach exactly 26 brix ripeness (sugar level) make the cut. These agave plants take seven or more years to mature; most mass production Tequilas are made with younger, less-ripe agave (as young as four years).

2) Fresh wine yeast – not airborne yeast – is used in the fermentation process, for control and consistency over the finished product. PaQuí also uses stainless steel fermentation tanks and pot stills to avoid “off” flavors.

3) A selective distillation process goes further than most major brands by separating the “heart” of the distillate to remove impurities that are harsh, bitter substances, allowing the pleasant aromas, fruit, minerals and soft texture to fully emerge.

The resulting Tequila is uniquely fruity, floral and complex, with a silky texture, long finish, and no harshness. PaQuí Silvera is unaged, PaQuí Reposado is aged for four months in ex-whisky barrels of American oak, and PaQuí Añejo is aged for 14 months in ex-whisky American oak barrels. Unlike its competitors, there is a great deal of restraint used in the oak aging, retaining the sweet agave fruit of the Silvera.

PaQuí Stands for Happiness

The word PaQuí means “to be happy” in the Aztec language, and the branding and liquid inside the bottle bring that emotion to life. The bottle design was inspired by an Aztec pyramid and the dancing Mexican warrior on the label in his headdress – but no weapon – inspires fun.

“The PaQuí liquid offers a new Tequila experience because the brand captures the emotion behind Tequila: Mexican culture, a sense of old-world craftsmanship and quality, and a sense of enjoyment, sociability and fun,” added Chappell.

PaQuí will be supported in-market with digital advertising, social media and PR campaigns to engage the trade as well as consumers. Already, PaQuí is available in more than 250 accounts in New York City, with an 85 percent reorder rate, demonstrating strong proof-of concept in arguably the most competitive market in the country.

PaQuí Tequila is the first distilled spirit to be launched by Tequila Holdings, Inc., an independent spirits company founded by career beverage executive John Chappell in New York, NY. PaQuí recently conducted a successful fund-raising campaign on, becoming one of just 85 companies to reach the allowed limit of Regulation C fund-raising campaigns ($1.07 million raised over a six-month period). PaQuí Tequila is available wholesale in six states and online at PaQuí The suggested retail price for each 750ml bottle of PaQuí Tequila is: Silvera at $49.99; Reposado at $59.99 and; Añejo at $69.99.

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