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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019

DES MOINES, IOWA (Aug. 13, 2019) – Iowa-based craft whiskey subscription service RackHouse Whiskey Club has teamed up with San Diego-based Speakeasy Co. to disrupt how whiskey fans can access small-batch spirits nationwide. Until now, there hasn’t been an easy way for whiskey enthusiasts to get their hands on spirits from craft distilleries with limited distribution networks. But that is now changing.

By combining Speakeasy Co.’s technology, warehousing and fulfillment for alcohol brands with RackHouse Whiskey Club’s digital marketing data and expertise, distillers across the country now have the option to transition away from the traditional distribution and marketing model and sell their products direct-to-consumer online.

Distillers who use Speakeasy Company’s platform now have access to a wide array of RackHouse Whiskey Club marketing tools including digital marketing data, content production, social media management and access to the RackHouse Whiskey Club Podcast.

“Our partnership with Speakeasy Co. means we’ve been able to open up a new market for distilleries looking to have more control from still to glass,” said Dannie Strable, CEO of RackHouse Whiskey Club. “We’re making it easier for distilleries to tell their story online, get their products in the hands of whiskey fans across the U.S. and scale their operations.”
“Speakeasy Co.’s direct-to-consumer platform is disrupting the alcohol industry, empowering brands to own their own growth, data and messaging unlike ever before,” said Josh Jacobs, CEO of Speakeasy Co. “This shift away from the antiquated traditional distribution model can be accelerated with our one-stop e-commerce platform and RackHouse Whiskey Club’s expertise.”

Two distilleries already taking advantage of the partnership are Iowa Legendary Rye and Buckshee Bourbon.

“Being featured in RackHouse Whiskey Club’s subscription box has been an incredible opportunity for Buckshee to get our products in the hands of whiskey drinkers in 40 states,” said James Thornett, founder of Buckshee. “Opening up our own online storefront means we can continue that success beyond that single box and continue selling our products nationwide.”

About RackHouse Whiskey Club
Every whiskey has a story. RackHouse Whiskey Club is a bi-monthly subscription box on a mission to uncover the best flavors and stories that craft distilleries across the U.S. have to offer and then share them with Club members in 40 states.

About Speakeasy Co.
Speakeasy Co. is a one-stop e-commerce platform for alcohol brands handling technology, warehousing and fulfillment. Speakeasy allows distillers to forego the traditional distribution model and sell spirits and merchandise direct-to-consumer by embedding a shopping cart onto the distillery’s website..

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