We are delighted to announce that Delphine Nathalie Gardère took the helm of the iconic Haitian rum distillery Barbancourt, both the oldest company and the biggest rum exporter of Haiti.

Founded over 150 years ago by Dupré Barbancourt, then passed on to his wife Nathalie Gardère, the brand is an icon in Haiti and among Haitian diaspora. In the Caribbeans, Rhum Barbancourt leads the subcategory of Rhum Agricole (rum distilled from pure sugar cane juice and no molasses).

Delphine Gardère, 36 years old, is the 5th generation in the Gardère family. Her father, Thierry Gardère, a staple in the spirit industry, managed the company for almost three decades until he passed away in March 2017. After succeeding him and managing the brand for the first year; Delphine has now come back at the helm of the company, representing the second female leader in the history of the distillery. In fact, her middle name pays homage to the figure of Dupre Barbacourt’s wife Nathalie, a woman that successfully carried on the distillery for 15 years and that largely inspired Delphine’s vision on implementing women occupation and their careers within the company.

Delphine’s next goal is to expand the fame of Rhum Barbancourt out of the Haitian community, increasing brand recognition through International development and the launch of new products.

Born in Port au Prince, as her ancestors for the past centuries, she has spent her entire childhood witnessing her father coping with the daily challenges of the Haitian distillery and achieving a deep understanding of the brand.

In a mission to elevate Barbancourt to a global dimension, Delphine has built a curriculum of high-end International experiences in finance and in marketing, working as a stock analyst at Société-Générale as well as in brand development for luxury and niche companies including Dior, Hermès, and Annick Goutal.

Strongly committed to the Haitian community, Delphine is involved in assisting Haitians in need on different levels, through the tools of the Barbancourt Foundation, which was founded by her parents in the 1990’s. Besides the work in the Distillery, Delphine’s job – and interest – also resides in creating awareness for Haiti’s rich art and culture, as well as creating awareness for Haitian women in the workplace.

Currently, Barbancourt produces the following rums:

-Rhum Barbancourt, Estate Réserve, aged 15 years (86 proof)

-Rhum Barbancourt, Réserve Spéciale, 5 Star, aged 8 years (86 proof

-Rhum Barbancourt, 3 Star, aged 4 years (86 proof)

-Rhum Barbancourt White, (86 proof)

-Rhum Barbancourt, Pango Rhum, aged and flavored (70 proof)

For more information on Rhum Barbancourt, please visit the website: Crillon Importers/Rhum Barbancourt.

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