Doing something different often leads to criticism, or praise, rarely both. However, when you do something different and it has a massive impact… That does lead to both criticism and praise.

Sea Aged Wine of Spain, age wine and Cava, on land, in patented tanks. The tanks are full of purified Mediterranean seawater, which surrounds bottles inside the tanks.

Now Sea Aged Wine, due to a demand from passionate cider drinkers, namely Graham Smith the inventor of the tanks, plus a few friends, decided to age cider in the tanks. Due to the low numbers to begin with, they used supermarket bottles bought from the local area.

The results were amazing. Each time a batch came out of the tanks, they were gone. No stock was able to reach a shelf and pre sea tank ageing orders were being placed. This led to the criticism.

This has now all been scaled up to a commercial level and a cider producer in Spain has agreed an own label deal with Sea Aged Cider, which is owned by sea aged wine.

The producer has agreed to secrecy as to their identity, until after the first batch has been aged. It does mean that with the new deal, Sea Aged Cider will be able to meet the new commercial demand they have and to meet the future commercial demand without running out of stock. This has now led to praise from the critics.

Graham said “It’s a far cry from supermarket trolley dashes to buy cider. We had so many tourists, their friends and relatives wanting to buy Sea Aged Cider, that buying it direct from the producer, as we do wine and Cava, was the only way forward.”

The cider, once sea aged in the tanks, tastes softer, smoother and is very moreish. Once you have a glass it is easy to have more. Whether it be the summer or winter, this is a great alternative to other drinks. The Sea Aged Cider has an alcohol content of 4.5% which does place it in the demand area for lower alcohol content drinks.

The first batches should be ready in November, then monthly batches will be available.

Sea Aged Wine operate in Javea, Spain and also have a tank ageing facility in Tenerife, Canary Islands. links to the Sea Aged Wine companies main website. You can contact them in Spain on 0034 662 406 516 or UK +44 2380 970302 or

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