LOS ANGELES – October 24, 2019 – In the weeks following its introduction, Santo Tequila Blanco – a premium old world-style tequila from legendary rocker and entrepreneur, Sammy Hagar and acclaimed Emmy Award-winning chef and restaurateur, Guy Fieri – is heating up the California marketplace.

Just in time for the holidays, California joins Nevada in exclusively debuting Santo Tequila Blanco with the arrival of the first few thousand cases from the historic El Viejito Distillery in the Jalisco highlands of Mexico, with New York, Georgia, South Carolina and Massachusetts rolling out later this month. California retailers including major club, grocery, wine & spirits specialty retailers, restaurants and bars were the first to secure Santo Tequila Blanco and have begun rolling it out in more than 200 locations throughout the state.

Hagar and Fieri worked with Juan Eduardo Nuñez, the acclaimed third-generation master distiller from the renowned El Viejito Distillery, to create Santo Tequila Blanco’s proprietary recipe. The spirit showcases Nuñez’s dedication to highlighting the unique flavors of agave in every batch, beginning with sustainably-sourced Blue Weber Agave from the famed highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

Hagar’s history of making world-renowned tequila and rum, Fieri’s world-famous taste buds, and Nuñez’s award-winning craftsmanship, bring to life the portfolio of Santo spirits; a sinfully smooth old world style tequila blanco. Santo Tequila Blanco is available for a suggested retail price of $39.99, with $49.99 the suggested retail price for Santo Mezquila.

WATCH “Tasting Notes” Video with Sammy and Guy HERE.


Santo Tequila Blanco will be rolling out in New York, Georgia, South Carolina and Massachusets in the coming weeks, with several additional markets nationwide over the next few months. Santo Tequila Blanco is the second spirit in the Santo portfolio, joining Santo Mezquila, the world’s first and only blend of tequila and mezcal. A Santo locator, available on the website at SantoSpirit.com/locate, provides an interactive map to find all locations now serving or selling Santo Tequila Blanco and Santo Mezquila. More information, along with signature drink recipes, can also be found on the website at www.SantoSpirit.com, as well as on Instagram at @SantoSpirit.


About Santo Blanco Tequila and Santo Mezquila

Legendary rocker and spirits pioneer, Sammy Hagar, has joined forces with acclaimed Emmy Award-winning chef and restaurateur, Guy Fieri, to create a new tequila: Santo Tequila Blanco. An “old world”-style tequila, Santo Tequila Blanco is the second spirit in the Santo family, joining Santo Mezquila, the world’s first and only blend of tequila and mezcal. Both spirits are made from 100 percent Blue Weber agave, with Santo Mezquila also using artisanal mezcal handcrafted from Espadin agave with the help of Juan Eduardo Nuñez, the master third-generation distiller from the famed distillery, El Viejito. More information is available at www.santospirit.com and on Instagram at @SantoSpirit, Twitter at @Santo_Spirit and Facebook at www.facebook.com/santospirits.

Hagar famously created the Cabo Wabo brand, including the Cabo Wabo Cantina chain of restaurants and Cabo Wabo Tequila, and is also the founder of Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum and Sammy’s Beach Bar & Grill chain of restaurants.

Chef, restaurateur, New York Times best-selling author and Emmy Award-winning TV host, Fieri is one of the world’s most recognizable and influential culinary stars.

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