California orchards are awash with pink and white apple blossoms, meaning it’s spring and time for another Cider Summit San Francisco. It took place once again at the Presidio’s Civil War Parade Ground on a bright and sunny Saturday, April 13. Now in its sixth year, the region’s largest cider festival offers attendees an unprecedented way to sample ciders from around the country and around the world. Some 2,500 people spent the afternoon sipping apple-based beverages made as far away as Poland (Cydr Miloslawski) and as near as as San Francisco itself (Tag + Jug).

Of particular note was the number of California-based cider companies pouring—35 of the 58 total—many of them just a year or two old. Alan Shapiro and his team at SBS Imports, organizers of the Cider Summits, produces similar events in Portland, Seattle, and Chicago. They make a point of including as many companies from around event’s the area as possible, and the impressive number at the San Francisco Summit speaks to the growing market for locally made cider in California. Not a surprise, perhaps, since California is the fifth largest grower of apples in the country, and where there are apples, cider is sure to follow.

The next Cider Summit (in Portland, Ore., June 21-22, 2019) is sure to be a fabulous opportunity for members of the trade and the public to find out what’s new and happening in the Pacific Northwest cider scene. America is a land of experimentation and inventiveness, a place where people are inspired to take what’s known and put their personal spin on it.

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