With an ever growing demand for their products, Sea Aged Wine has launched a new website with the main domain www.seaaged.com.

This now links with seaagedcider.com, seaagedcava.com and seaagedwine.com.

Each of the mentioned .com’s also forward to the main domain. Sea Aged has now seen phenomenal growth and inquiries are continuing for all the products. So much so that Sea Aged are now looking for independent agents to have their own area as a business. This is for Europe, UK, USA and other areas. Please look at the website for more details.

Sea Aged are continuing with the presence they have in the Canary islands. This is as a joint partnership. There is also a separate website domain to cope with the demand.

Cider and Cava are proving to be growth markets for Sea Aged. Cider with low import tariffs is an affordable Sea Aged product. Cava once sea aged in the tanks becomes a premium product. It is more than worthy of the small extra financial cost of sea ageing.

All of the products in the range of Sea Aged. Are aged for a minimum of two months in seawater on land, within patented tanks. The tanks allow the products to be free of contamination, while abiding with the FDA rules which state. Under sea pressure could allow contamination. Inside our tanks there is no pressure, just perfect conditions for sea ageing. Link to the FDA ruling: https://www.ttb.gov/images/pdfs/ttb-announcement-underwater-storage-of-wine.pdf

“Sea Ageing improves and evolves Cava Cider and Wine. Within our patented, environment saving, on land seawater tanks. No pollution no contamination, just a fantastic soft smooth evolved Cava, Cider or Wine” — Graham Smith: Inventor of the sea aged wine tanks

Products evolve while in the tanks, to become softer and smoother. This is due to conduction, as seawater surrounds the bottles and not air. The products never fail to satisfy once tasted after sea ageing in the tanks.

Unlike the open sea. The tanks have purified seawater and a controlled light and temperature. All of which is environment friendly, and doesn’t harm the natural undersea life. No pollution or contamination is possible.

We would like to hear from wine producers in the USA. They could benefit greatly from our patented tank ageing process, by ageing their products in our tanks in the USA. Or they could import our products into the USA. As open sea ageing is not allowed in the USA, this would be ideal for them.

You can contact Sea Aged by emailing info@seaaged.com call them on 0044 2380 970302 UK or 0034 662 406 516 Spain. FaceBook seaagedwine and Twitter seaagedwine. The website can be seen here https://seaaged.com

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Sea Aged
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