Saverglass has a long history and a unique goal: to spectacularly enhance the alcohol contained in Saverglass bottles. Established in 1897 in France’s Bresle Valley—an area known for glassmaking since the 15th century—CEO Loïc Quentin de Gromard set its focus on premium and super premium spirits and wine bottles in 1985, with decoration expertise added in 1991. Its third French production site was added in 2008, increasing production capacity by 40 percent. It’s since added production sites in Dubai, Mexico, and Belgium.

“We intend to become the benchmark in the global glassmaking market with regard to sustainable development.” —Régis Maillet, Saverglass [Photo courtesy Saverglass]

The company serves businesses of all sizes with precise and personalized services. It also has a strong commitment to sustainability. “We’re conscious of the environmental impact of our business and the means available to limit it, and we intend to become the benchmark in the global glassmaking market with regard to sustainable development,” says Régis Maillet, Saverglass group marketing and communication director.

“Glass is the only packaging material that is 100 percent recyclable forever. When a bottle is recycled, a new one can be produced with no loss of quality,” he adds. The use of cullet (recycled glass) replaces raw materials (sand, lime, and soda) and saves energy because cullet fusion occurs quicker and at a lower temperature than raw materials. Additionally, its use reduces CO2 emissions.

Saverglass also takes a sustainable approach to decoration. “One example is the organic decoration process, which has a wide range of organic ink-based colors,” says Maillet. “Compared to screen printing carried out using enamel and requiring high-temperature annealing, these new processes greatly limit energy consumption, provide precise adjustment between colors, and enable remarkably regular printing.”

The company prides itself on its glass quality as well as its almost infinite range of personalization options. “We offer a choice of 250 original designs, up to 15 glass colors, engravings, decoration, and setting of accessories. The combinations are almost infinite,” says Maillet. “We also support each client throughout the development of a project, from sketch to production and decoration.”

[Photo courtesy Saverglass]

The concepts of hyper personalization and eco-friendly packaging isn’t lost on Saverglass customers, especially those in the Z generation. “In a saturated market, where all products are available to everyone, personalization is without a doubt the present and future of consumption,” he adds. “It’s also about a one-to-one relationship and responding to the desire for uniqueness among contemporary consumers.”

This ability to keep pace with the growth of its customers and, by extension, its own capabilities, is a testament to the company’s long-standing history of staying current and embracing new ideas. It adds nearly 15 new bottle designs each year, and has created a system it calls Art & Touch, which renews the vision of three-dimentional visualization. This means designs that are as enchanting to see as they are to touch.

[Photo courtesy Saverglass]

“After more than 30 years of a presence in North America, sales and logistics-wise, the fact that we have our own glass and décor production unit in Mexico is a considerable advantage both in terms of opportunities and attracting new customers, as well as serving our loyal customers even better,” says Maillet. “We’ve also strengthened our sales presence by opening an office in Louisville, Ky., a few years ago. This adds to our historical Napa, Calif., and Ramsey, New Jersey offices.”

So what’s in store for the future? “Our ambition is to create more and more personalized bottles of premium spirits and wines,” says Maillet.