San Francisco brand bridges proper cocktails made with honest ingredients and social responsibility to define a new class of drinkers


SAN FRANCISCO, October 6, 2020—Today, California’s Troop Beverage Co. officially launches its new line-up of bold, balanced cocktails available in CA and CO retail stores, and direct-to-consumer nationally. A no-nonsense cocktail that’s on a mission to do things right and do right by others, Troop is made with  100% real, honest ingredients, craft spirits, and no hidden extras. Designed to inspire a new way to socialize– Troop is a real cocktail in a ready-to-go, let’s-make-some memories can. 

Available in three distinct serves—Bourbon Smash, Rum Mojito, and Gin Spritz— and each made with only five, all-natural ingredients, Troop is a cocktail without compromise. The single serving size 10% 200mL drinks are built to stand up against the 5% seltzers of the world. Portable and proper, these  new offerings are made for a new class of drinkers, the ones who care about high-quality ingredients, social responsibility, and savoring sips and time with the people that matter most– your Troop



BOURBON SMASH: Bourbon with smoke and caramel. A splash of iced tea and lemon. A twist of mint for balance. This one hits every note and looks damn good in a lowball. 

RUM MOJITO: Tart, citrus. A touch of sweet with a little bite. All topped with bubbles. It’s the friend you bring to a party that’s always a good time. 

GIN SPRITZ: Botanical and earthy. A little bitter, a little sweet. A touch of fizz for good measure. A light drink that goes effortlessly from day to night.  

Troop is available in CA and CO retail stores and direct-to-consumer nationally in 4-packs for around $14 (retail only), and online in 8-packs for around $36 and 24-packs for around $96. Direct-to-consumer is available for delivery through its online store, as well as through Remedy Liquor and SoCal Wine & Spirits.



Founded in 2019, and developed by partners in business and in life, CC and Reed DesRosiers, Troop Beverage Co. was designed in response to the growing consumer shift in alcohol consumption and the decline of pervasive binging culture. Troop’s mission is to define a new class of drinkers, while building a like-minded community that prioritizes sipping and savoring, over chug-and-repeat.  

“The way we connect and the way we consume has changed. The loud, dark bars or crowded clubs from our recent past no longer exist, and now, more than ever, consumers are seeking something real, inspiring and different,” says CC DesRosiers, Co-Founder and CEO of Troop Beverage Co. “This change has laid the foundation for a new drinking culture– one where cocktails elevate a moment rather than being a main event. Troop is a real drink, made for the real ones– a grown-up canned cocktail for a new generation seeking to make more intentional choices, and have a damn good time doing it.”



70% of Americans 21+ drink, which creates a significant impact on the environment. An important part of Troop’s mission is to leverage a small piece of this favorite pastime and put it to work to do some good. Each year, Troop partners with a different environmental nonprofit to help promote a healthier planet. As a member of 1% For The Planet, Troop gives back 1% of their annual sales to support this mission. In 2020, Troop is proud to partner with the California State Parks Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund to protect and restore California’s incredible landscape, much of which has been gravely impacted by devastating wildfires.


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Founded in 2019, San Francisco-based Troop Beverage Co. launched their new line-up of ready-to-drink, full flavor, full strength cocktails in fall 2020. Portable and proper, and crafted with 100% real ingredients, Troop is a cocktail without compromise in a single serving size (10% ABV in 200mL cans). Available in three serves—Bourbon Smash, Rum Mojito, and Gin Spritz—Troop was designed for a new class of drinkers, the ones who care about savoring sips and time with the people that matter most– your Troop

Each year, Troop Beverage Co. partners with an environmental nonprofit to help promote a healthier planet to support their mission with the sale of each can. Troop is sold in over 100 stores throughout the West Coast, including Whole Foods and Total Wine & More, and available nationally direct-to-consumer online. To find your Troop, please visit or join the party on Instagram @drinktroop.

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