New York, October 30, 2020Wines of Israel, a national campaign to promote Israeli wine in the United States, is proud to recognize the appointment of Israel’s second Master of Wine, Ido Lewinsohn MW. The prestigious Institute of Masters of Wine announced 16 new Masters of Wine in August 2020.

As Israel’s second winemaker to pass the rigorous Master of Wine exam, which includes theory and practical exams in addition to a research paper, Lewinsohn exemplifies the growing expertise and accomplishments of Israeli winemakers. While Israel is one of the world’s most ancient wine producing regions, the country’s modern wine industry is relatively young and has undergone an immense quality evolution in recent years. This evolution is attributed to Israeli innovation in the vineyard and winery, along with an influx of knowledge from winemakers who have studied and trained abroad.

Lewinsohn, who serves as Head Winemaker at Israel’s Barkan Winery, studied viticulture and oenology at the University of Milan and trained at Italy’s Sassicaia of Tenuta San Guido. He gained winemaking experience in the Rhone Valley and Languedoc of France, as well as in Tasmania, Australia before returning to Israel in 2007, where he eventually became Head Winemaker for Recanati Winery. In 2017, Lewinsohn was appointed Head Winemaker for Barkan and Segal.

Lewinsohn received his Master of Wine credentials in August 2020 after submitting a research paper on the grapevine leafroll virus and its effect on the Israeli wine industry. He joins the ranks of 409 Masters of Wine located in 30 countries, representing some of the brightest minds in the global wine industry. He is one of several pioneers leading the Israeli wine industry into its next chapter.

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Wines of Israel is a promotional campaign organized by the Israel Export Institute and financed by the government of Israel and select producers to educate the US wine trade and general public about the quality and universal appeal of Israeli wine, with the aim to gain wider recognition of Israel as a fast-growing and significant wine region on the world stage. Participating wineries include: Alexander Winery, Barkan Winery, Carmel Winery, Covenant Israel Winery, Jezreel Valley Winery, MAIA Winery, Or Haganuz Winery, Segal Winery, Tabor Winery, Teperberg Winery, Tulip Winery, Yatir Winery, all imported by Royal Wine Corp.; Recanati Winery, imported by Palm Bay International; Golan Heights Winery, imported by Yarden Inc.; Dalton Winery, Gva’ot Winery, Hayotzer Winery, Jerusalem Wineries, all imported by Allied Importers; Lueria Winery and Tura Winery, imported by Red Garden Imports; Kishor Winery, Meishar Winery, Somek Estate Winery, all imported by Israeli Wine Direct; Five Stones Vineyards, imported by Happy Hearts; Jacques Capsouto Vignobles, imported by SolStars Inc.; and Bravdo Winery, imported by The River Wine.

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