Small Batch, Handcrafted and Woman-Owned, One With Life Organic Tequila (OWL)
Expands Its Portfolio with One With Life Extra Anejo

Sharing a Message of Peace and Living in the Present Moment to Celebrate with Family & Friends 


NEW YORK (October 23, 2020) – One With Life Organic Tequila (OWL) is a woman-owned company that shares a singular spiritual ethos that sets it apart from other brands, offering ultra-premium small batch, USDA certified Organic and Kosher spirits in Blanco and Extra Anejo expressions. Made from 100% Blue Weber Agave, OWL is sustainably handcrafted in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico, by a third-generation, family-owned and operated agave farm and distillery.

Based in New York and founded by Lisa Elovich – a former Manhattan Assistant District Attorney, Parole Board Commissioner, Life Coach and Boxing Promoter – One With Life Organic Tequila was born of equal parts love for the spirit and spirituality. Lisa’s mission is to not only create a good-to-the-earth tequila that is authentic and delicious but impart the philosophy that we are all “One With Life” and to live in the present moment. Offering a product that is organic and sustainable promotes environmental wellness, further supporting OWL’s principle of connectivity among all humanity, life and the earth. The brand’s name, Tree of Life logo, charm bracelet around the neck and an inspirational quote inside every bottle, illustrates this vital message.

“I founded One With Life Organic Tequila to use the bottle as a vessel to spread a message of staying at peace in the present moment and finding a balance in life, while not taking yourself too seriously,” says owner Lisa Elovich. “It’s important to find time to relax and enjoy the moment, like drinking tequila with family and friends! I also want to spread a message of how important it is to consume organic products. It is better for the ecosystem, the environment and our health.”

OWL’s popular and award-winning Blanco expression has made its mark since launching in 2015, being awarded 94 points by Wine Enthusiast Magazine among other accolades, offering a distinctively smooth, balanced, citrus profile. Now with the recently debuted One With Life Extra Anejo, the brand shares its interpretation of this high-end expression, offering a rich, balanced spirit with smooth caramel and vanilla notes. As a female-owned small business, Lisa and her team have gained significant traction in an incredibly competitive market dominated by billion-dollar corporations and celebrities, securing their place among the world’s best tequilas.

One With Life Organic Tequila is handcrafted and produced from estate-grown, sustainably farmed Blue Agave at Tequila Las Americas, a third generation, family-owned and operated agave farm and distillery, led by master distiller Eladio Montes. Farmed without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, each agave plant is matured for at least seven years and harvested at peak ripeness. The hearts of the agave are slow roasted with lava rocks in traditional brick ovens for two days to concentrate and maintain the authenticity of the agave flavor. A roller mill extracts the juice then is placed in stainless steel tanks for natural open-air fermentation, a method that maintains its purity. The liquid is then twice-distilled only adding water to achieve the correct alcohol content levels. There are zero additives or yeast used in the production and to ensure the taste and quality, each batch is tested by Lisa Elovich before it is hand bottled at the estate.

One With Life Organic Extra Anejo Tequila: This expression is aged for five years in American Oak Bourbon barrels and French Oak Cognac barrels, then blended together to create a smooth sipping tequila with balanced caramel, vanilla and wildflower honey notes with a velvety finish. The tequila is presented in a handcrafted gold leaf accented bottle complete with a signature beaded bracelet. AVB: 40% / 750 ML/ Price: $155.00

The award-winning One With Life Organic Blanco Tequila: The carefully monitored distilling process results in a clean yet complex ultra-premium blanco tequila, imparting savory citrus, dried herbs and honey notes, finishing with light almond, agave sweetness and mild heat that is perfect for sipping on its own or mixing for refreshing cocktails. Wine Enthusiast Magazine included it in their Top 100 Spirits List in 2017, received a Gold Medal from Tequila Aficionado for Best New Brand in the Organic Category and was Voted the Best Tequila Margarita in the 2017 and 2019 Fort Lauderdale Margarita Festival. AVB: 40% / 750 ML/ Price: $39.00

One With Life Organic Tequila is available in restaurants and retail stores in New York, Florida, Georgia and soon Washington D.C., and can be purchased nationally online at With its growing popularity, the company is setting its sight on further distribution expansion across the U.S.

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