Rock Rose, While We Wait, Tweeddale and The English Whisky will be distributed by LKN Distributors.

Columbia, South Carolina (10/23/20) – Vision Wine & Spirits, the national sales & import division of Martignetti Companies, are pleased to announce a partnership with LKN Distributors, which allow them to distribute Rock Rose, Raasay While We Wait, Tweeddale and The English Whisky throughout the Carolinas.

Rock Rose Gin is a multi-award winning Premium Handcrafted Scottish Gin from Dunnet Bay Distillers – the 2019 Scottish Gin Distillery of the Year. Rock Rose Gin gets it unique flavor from carefully selected local and traditional botanicals. Each one is specifically chosen for their flavor properties to create the perfect taste. The gin reflects the Caithness way. It is hand distilled slowly, thoughtfully and passionately to create exceptional products.

Raasay Distillery is the first legal whisky distillery on the Isle of Raasay. Raasay While We Wait single malt Scotch whisky (46% abv) offers a taste of what is to come from this distillery located in northwest Scotland on the Isle of Raasay. While waiting for the inaugural Isle of Raasay Single Malt whisky, the distillery has produced a single malt that showcases fine whisky making skills and offers a preview of what to expect from this distillery in the next few years. This limited-edition whisky combines two expressions from one distillery, one peated and one unpeated, then finished in French oak Tuscan red wine casks. The result is a single malt whisky of uncommon origin.

The Tweeddale is a blend of single grain whisky and malt whiskies. Its high malt content of 50% gives a full bodied and slightly spicy character accentuated by the inclusion of some Sherry casks. The recipe was inspired by a blend created by Coldstream Grocer Richard Day in the early 20th-century, using whisky from the same nine distilleries.

The English Whisky Co. is England’s oldest and most awarded whisky distillery, founded by the Nelstrop family in 2006. They built the magnificent St. George’s Distillery specifically to make and mature very fine whiskies. This location is well suited to producing whiskies since Norfolk is known for barley growth in many of its regions, and the Breckland aquifer is 50 ft. under the distillery, which supplies pure water. Quality control is ensured every step of the whisky making process at this distillery, since the entire production process is maintained onsite.

The distillery releases its products under two brands. ‘The English’ which is the range of single malt whiskies and ‘The Norfolk’ which consists of specialty grain whiskies and liqueurs.

Vision Wine & Spirits, LLC is a division of the Martignetti Companies, the 7th largest distributor in the United States, and an independent family-owned business since 1908.


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