Windsor, CA (May 24, 2018)Wine Grenade, a leading wine technology company based in New Zealand, has partnered with Enartis USA, a premier supplier of winemaking products, analytical services and winery technology, for the exclusive distribution of the Wine Grenade in North America.


Wine Grenade has re-imagined micro-oxygenation for small-to-medium sized wineries with its patented oxygen diffusion process. Their portable devices deliver subtle amounts of oxygen through a pressurized semi-permeable membrane without bubbles, accurately recreating the oxygen transfer process that occurs naturally in barrels. Each Wine Grenade unit is Wi-Fi connected and records more than 1500 data points per day. All the information is accessible to winemakers in real-time, from anywhere, on any smart device, free of charge. Wine Grenade’s cost effective approach allows winemakers to get started using micro-ox without risk. Installation and use of the Wine Grenade device is also very easy and simple.

About this partnership, Hamish Elmslie, Wine Grenade CEO said:  “Since our first US vintage in the Napa valley in 2015, winemakers throughout North America have adopted our leading-edge technology to assist them in producing a high quality product at all price-points. We’re excited to be working with Enartis to reach more winemakers seeking cost effective access to micro-ox technology, especially those in small to medium sized wineries.”

José Santos, President and CEO of Enartis USA added: “Even if we are better known for our winemaking products and lab services, Enartis has been a leading supplier of micro-oxygenation systems in North America since 2011. We found in Wine Grenade the perfect partner to complement our offering in micro-oxygenation and better serve small-to-medium sized wineries. We believe that micro-oxygenation is a key technology in modern winemaking, and adding Wine Grenade to our portfolio of micro-ox systems makes it available for wineries of all sizes in a cost effective way”.

About Wine Grenade

Wine Grenade was founded in 2014 with the aim of making micro-oxygenation accessible to all winemakers. The company’s award winning devices incorporate technology developed in collaboration with Plant & Food Research, a New Zealand government research institute. The Wine Grenade product is in active use in 8 countries worldwide.


About Enartis USA

Beginning as the pioneering Vinquiry Wine Laboratory in the early days of the modern US wine industry, Enartis USA is now a leading supplier of premium winemaking products to the North American Wine Industry and provides high-quality analytical services through its network of laboratories.

The ISO 17025:005 Accreditation of our main laboratory in Windsor, CA verifies the high-quality of analytical services that we provide our clients, which range from basic chemistry testing to most recent analytical technologies such as Real Time Quantitative PCR (PCR Panels), oak aroma compounds analysis and grape and wine phenolics analysis (Phenolic Fingerprint), among many others.


In January of 2009, Vinquiry Wine Labs became part of the multi-national company Esseco Group, which manufactures the Enartis range of premium winemaking products. Being part of the world leading manufacturer of winemaking products has allowed us to incorporate advanced technology and develop tailored solutions for the US wine industry. Enartis USA is a leading supplier of winemaking products, with the capabilities to meet the needs of wineries of all sizes.



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