Now more than ever, the importance of an exceptional insurance agency is top of mind. Today’s environment demands not only resiliency, but hard work and a positive attitude to overcome the social and economic blows we’ve been dealt. Having someone to help navigate the process is one way to ease the pressure.

2020 Best Insurance Company: George Petersen Insurance Agency

“Everyone will be digging out of a hole,” says Robb Daer, partner, COO, and commercial producer for George Petersen Insurance Agency. “We want to do everything we can to help simplify the reopening process for clients,” he adds. “Different industries will bounce back at different times. It isn’t like after the [California] wildfires, where things were definable. This [pandemic] is so open and worldwide.”

Established in 1935, George Petersen Insurance Agency has grown along with the Northern California businesses it serves. Today, it has 10 offices and 12 affiliate agencies throughout the area, and a good percentage of its clients are part of the alcohol beverage industry. One of its most recent focuses has been on safety and loss prevention. “There will be new protocols and compliance issues. Some will be required by law, while others will be implemented so employees and customers feel comfortable,” says Daer.

Helping different companies navigate the so-called “new normal” is one way the insurance industry can get things back on track. “Recovering will be complicated, and I hope everyone supports each other so we can get through this the best we can,” says Daer.