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Picking Up the Pieces: Storm-struck Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico assess damage and move forward.

Talk to people in the beer, wine, and spirits business, and the three historically powerful hurricanes that devastated parts of Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico were severe, but they could have been worse. Spirited checked in with a handful of producers across the region to find out how they fared—and what’s being done to help those in need. “We were pretty lucky,” says Ron Yates, whose family owns Spicewood Vineyards in the Texas Hill Country, which got as much as 10 inches of rain in three or four days—about one-third of the area’s average annual total. That’s because Hill...

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Guest Column: Save Money Using R&D Tax Credits

By constantly generating new and improved products, wineries, breweries, cideries, and distilleries are continually refining their manufacturing and distribution techniques and developing new packaging processes. These activities can qualify for the research and development (R&D) tax credit, but many alcoholic beverage producers aren’t using the credit because of misconceptions about who can claim it and for what kind of work—even though it could save them up to 10 percent of annual R&D costs for federal purposes and much more when state credits are factored in.   The R&D Tax Credit The R&D tax credit has the potential to offset...

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Buy or Lease? How to make the best decision for your equipment needs

When expanding a business, one of the most difficult decisions may well be the most overlooked: How are you going to pay for the equipment when you need to get bigger? And how do you decide whether to purchase or lease? “There are numerous options,” says Stephen King, president of craft bourbon maker Ironclad Distillery Co. in Newport News, Va., who was faced with those very choices when his company moved to commercial production several years ago. “How do you know what’s going to be the best option for your company?” Or, in the words of one winery executive...

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Primera Introduces LX2000 Label System

Primera Technology has introduced its latest inkjet label printer for the alcohol beverage industry. The Mac- and Windows-compatible LX2000 combines pigment-based inks with various synthetic materials to produce labels that are highly water and UV resistant. It has wireless compatibility and a print speed of up to six inches per second. Printed labels can include photos, graphics, illustrations, text, and even high-resolution linear or two-dimensional bar...

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Drizly Data Distillery Launches

Online alcohol marketplace  has launched the Drizly Data Distillery, offering ecommerce data, compiled from four years of Drizly platform transactions, plus relevant insights and analysis. By aggregating data on millions of orders in 70 U.S. cities over that time, suppliers will be better able to assess the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and see neighborhood-by-neighborhood breakdowns of what products are selling and for what price. Imagine how such information could be used to develop and refine marketing...

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