Tulsa, OK (11/6/20)- Effective today, Vision Wine & Spirits, the national sales & import division of Martignetti Companies, is pleased to announce a new distribution agreement with Artisan Fine Wine & Spirits for the state of Oklahoma. This new agreement allows for the Dashfire and Pizcadores portfolios to be distributed statewide.

Oklahoma owned and operated, Artisan Fine Wine and Spirits is a distribution company that represents some of the highest quality and most innovative wine, spirits, beer, and non-alcoholic beverage brands available from around the world. Their mission is to be distinguished as the distributor of choice with the highest level of knowledge, service, experience, and passion available in the state of Oklahoma.

“We are excited to have a strong distribution partnership for these two incredible brand portfolios” said Marquel Dougherty, the Southwest Division Manager for Vision Wine & Spirits.

In the era of cocktail rooms and craft cocktail bars, Dashfire has created a line of high-proof, complex, ready-to-drink cocktails, featuring a twist on some of the best classic cocktails. The cocktails feature base spirits that are combined with unique flavors and bitters. The full lineup includes: Bourbon Old Fashioned, Elderflower Martinez, Fig & Cascara Manhattan, Lemon & Lavender Martini, Pomegranate El Presidente and Chai White Russian. Sizes include 100 ml cans and 750 ml bottles.

The 750 ml bottles are ready to be poured over ice for a perfect, premium, and restaurant-quality cocktail at any time. Throw the cans in your cooler and you are ready to enjoy your favorite cocktail at the lake, gathering, boat or golf course. Ice optional. The best part is that you only need one can instead of multiple bottles of liquor, mixers, and juice.

Pizcadores uses the Sotol plant (Dasyliron Leiophyllum) from the desert region of Chihuahua, Mexico. The plant grows wild on the hillsides where rain is rare, and temperatures are extremely high. Pizcadores Sotol is made with a delicate ancient hand-crafted process to achieve supreme quality and taste.

Vision Wine & Spirits is a division of the Martignetti Companies, the 7th largest distributor in the United States, and an independent family-owned business since 1908. This national importing company represents a portfolio of high-quality wine and spirit brands. The company specializes in products that are traceable to the place they were born, that are transparent and tell a unique story. They are proud to share these stories of authenticity, craftsmanship, and a sense of place with our partners across the US.



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