Scott Laboratories, Inc. (in Petaluma, Calif.) and Scott Canada (in Pickering, Ontario) provide value-added products for makers of wine, craft beer, and distilled spirits. Business operations focus on enology, corks and packaging, and equipment, with the wide majority of its U.S. customer base focused in wine. As Sales Enablement Manager Monica Royer emphasizes, “Our goal is to help customers make better wine,” and the company has a robust network of international suppliers as well as its own proprietary products to serve that goal.

The company traces back to the Berkeley Yeast Laboratory, which was founded just before the end of Prohibition in 1933. Originally focused on yeast and lab services for winemaking, it’s expanded its offerings over the years to include cellaring supplies, corks and packaging, and processing and filtration equipment.

Recognized by Spirited readers for laboratory and testing services, Scott Labs goes above and beyond in interpreting lab results while providing the necessary support and infrastructure to make better product decisions and troubleshoot issues encountered. Scott Labs employs about 90 people in the U.S. and another 10 in Canada (where its operation has a greater beer focus). It serves a client base of more than 7,000 customers while maintaining sole distributorship of almost all of the products it offers.

Scott Labs recently added pumps to its portfolio, and it continually develops new initiatives and product offerings that embrace the latest technologies and trends in winemaking. The company also recently started its Oak Lab division, providing alternatives to barrels with oak-infusion products, addressing their customers’ needs to achieve goals in situations where there isn’t enough time, space, and/or money to maintain barrels onsite.