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Indeed Brewing Company Develops Taiga IPA and Expands Distribution

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, Nov. 2020: Indeed Brewing Company is releasing Taiga IPA in a newly designed printed can and expanding distribution in its second year. After a successful self-distribution run in 2019, Taiga IPA will be shipped across Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin in early November 2020 and available through January 2021. 

Brewed with fresh Sultana hops, Taiga IPA delivers a cold snap of juicy pineapple aromas that mingle with notes of grapefruit, mango, and a healthy hint of pine. Bold and just the right amount of bitter with a hazy orange glow, this hop bomb is here for the long winter haul, with a few different brews scheduled throughout the winter to keep the freshest possible Taiga on shelves and taps. 

“Taiga was originally conceived as a not-so-subtle homage to a certain ‘celebratory’ beer from a large California brewer, but with the twist of utilizing the newer Sultana hop variety,” says Head Brewer Dan Stavig. “Making Taiga adds complications to our brew day converting our mash tun into a hopback is complicated but the results are worth it. Using freshly processed Sultana hop bales rather than pellets add an intensity and impact that’s hard to acquire any other way. The malt backbone and cellar techniques will keep it tasting good for a few months, but, like any beer, drink ASAP for the biggest hop punch.”

The reconceived can artwork, designed by Chuck U, depicts the namesake taiga (tī-gə) — a subarctic forest dominated by conifers (e.g. spruce, fir, larch, pine) that begins where the tundra ends. These coniferous biomes house flora and fauna that have not just adapted to but come to thrive in this harsh climate. Taiga IPA is a hardy beer companion that promises to acclimate beer drinkers to the dreaded winter of 2020-21. When the only way to “hang” is “out,” pack an IPA that suits the season.

Taiga IPA will be available on tap in the Minneapolis taproom and available to-go in crowlers and growlers. Six-packs will be available to-go from the Milwaukee taproom and a limited amount will be available on tap. Both taprooms are planning on staying open through the winter, with Minneapolis launching its Beerland taproom experience in November.

The Goods

Malt: Pale Ale, T50, Midnight Wheat

Hops: Fresh Sultana Bales, Centennial, Cascade, Chinook

Yeast: A15 Independence

The Stats

ABV: 7%

IBU: 60

The Experience

Visual: A delicately hazy orange

Aroma: Pineapple and mango intermingle with grapefruit and a bit of pine

Taste: Rich malt base with a hint of toffee with an intense fresh hop flavor on top

Mouthfeel: Thick and full while remaining balanced

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About Indeed Brewing Company:

At Indeed Brewing Company, we’re cultivating an artfully eclectic line-up of beers from the heart of Northeast Minneapolis and our new home in the Walker’s Point neighborhood of Milwaukee. Indeed’s diverse offerings are anchored by its flagship Day Tripper Pale Ale, driven by new hits like Flavorwave IPA and Mexican Honey Light, and elevated by its Wooden Soul series of wild, sour, and barrel-aged beer. Well-known as an engaged and community-oriented brewery, Indeed’s taprooms are warm, welcoming, and home to Indeed We Can, the company’s employee-driven charitable giving program, which donates 100% of taproom net profits to an employee-sponsored local nonprofit every Wednesday of the year.  Indeed believes innovation isn’t just one thing—it’s a culture created around good people, good beers, and good experiences. Join them in the pursuit of what’s good. There’s more to explore at

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