Black Irish has taken whiskey to the dark side, with the launch of its 40% abv Irish whiskey infused with dark Irish stout – adding a bold and exciting spirit to the category and even more good times for whiskey enthusiasts.

Black Irish is Irish whiskey at its darkest. It has been mellowed in deep-charred oak barrels for a smooth, creamy vanilla finish then infused with strong Irish stout and darkened with rich chocolate malt and roasted barley, to create a bold dark spirit.

Developed by Dublin based Darker Still Spirits Company, who wanted to celebrate and put a unique twist on Ireland’s most famous exports, Irish Whiskey and Black Stout. An initial limited release of Black Irish has now hit the UK and Ireland with a planned full release in International markets throughout the rest of 2020.

Keen for consumers to embrace their bold dark spirit, the team at Black Irish collaborated to create a bespoke range of shorttails and cocktails. Eye-watering ingredients such as Tabasco sauce and chilled espresso will encourage people to discover their bolder darker side and experiment with this new innovative spirit.

Black Irish is now available through Darker Still Spirits Company.

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