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The Leading Mezcal in Oaxaca and Advocate of Wild Agave Launches in the U.S. with San Francisco Importer & Distiller Hotaling & Co.

(SAN FRANCISCO, May 11, 2020) — Founded in 2013 by Oaxacan-born economist Jorge Vera, Convite Mezcal is rooted in Oaxacan culture: Named for the Mexican state’s colloquialism meaning “invitation to feast,” this sustainably produced mezcal is now expanding in the U.S. and available in major markets, thanks to San Francisco-based leading importer and distiller of artisanal spirits, Hotaling & Co. Convite celebrates its homeland and the many varieties of wild agave that grow throughout Oaxaca, as reflected in the three expressions now available in key U.S. markets: Convite Mezcal Espadín Esencial (40% ABV, $44.99 SRP), Convite Mezcal Espadín-Madrecuishe Blend (42% ABV, $69.99 SRP), and Convite Mezcal Coyote (46% ABV, $159.99 SRP).

“We are excited to welcome Convite Mezcal to the Hotaling & Co. family,” says Dan Leese, President of Hotaling & Co. “Convite pays homage to its heritage from generations-old production methods to the authentic bottle design, and we’re delighted to introduce this true Oaxacan brand to mezcal drinkers in the U.S.”

With more than 200 years of family tradition to draw from, brother-producers Cosme and Daniel Hernandez create Convite according to artisanal practices dating back multiple generations. Convite Mezcal begins with the meticulous selection of the wild agaves, of which they work with seven types: Tobalá, Coyote, Tobasiche, Madrecuishe, Tepextate, and Jabalí.

Each Convite Mezcal is produced in the same single palenque, cooked in an underground stone oven, ground with a burro-drawn tahona stone, and naturally fermented in wooden vats before being double-distilled in a copper pot.

Convite Mezcal Espadín Esencial

(40% ABV, 750ml, $44.99 SRP)

  • Produced from Espadín agaves with a maturity of 8+ years
  • Tasting Notes:
    • Esencial is the essential bottling of the Convite collection. This mezcal opens with aromas of citrus zest and a touch of smoke notes of green bell pepper on the palate giving way to a long briny finish. It is the perfect balance between taste, body and aroma; ideal for cocktails.


Convite Mezcal Espadín-Madrecuishe Blend

(42% ABV, 750ml, $69.99 SRP)

  • Produced from a blend of Espadín agaves with a maturity of 8 years and wild Madrecuishe agaves with a maturity of 13 years
  • Tasting Notes:
    • A supreme combination of the Espadín and Madrecuishe agaves, this unique mezcal has aromas of bright citrus and cocoa, a velvety body with a lingering dry cedar finish; ideal to sip neat.


Convite Mezcal Coyote

(46% ABV, 750ml, $159.99 SRP)

  • Produced from 12-year-old wild Coyote agaves, considered the rarest and most sacred of all the mezcal agaves
  • Tasting Notes:
    • A rare mezcal with an unmatched sensorial experience, the palate has a burst of white pepper, floral notes, and a touch of fresh herbs that linger throughout the finish; ideal to sip neat.

In addition to giving back to the local community through fair trade and maintaining 100% of its value chain in the Oaxacan economy, Convite is committed to protecting and preserving the wild agave, grown in the picturesque mountains of San Baltazar Guelavila, that are at the heart of the Convite brand. Every step taken reflects a dedication to environmental sustainability – from extensive nurseries to cultivate baby plants, to replanting on average three times as much needed in the production process. Convite is also devoted to cultural sustainability: preserving the integrity of traditional methods to ensure they are protected for the future.

Revered by the top Mexican chefs, Convite is now available in New York, California, Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Georgia For information about Convite, please visit or follow on Instagram and Facebook @mezcalconvite.


About Hotaling & Co.

Hotaling & Co., the leading San Francisco importer & distiller, offers the finest curated portfolio of premium artisanal spirits including Luxardo Liqueurs, Nikka Whisky, No.3 Gin, Kavalan Whisky, Lot 40 Whisky, HINE Cognac, Denizen Rum, and HIRSCH Selected Whiskeys. Hotaling & Co., originally named Anchor Distilling Company, was established in 1993 and is credited with releasing America’s first craft whiskey (Old Potrero) and American craft gin (Junípero Gin) after Prohibition. In 2010, Anchor Distilling Company was sold to a business partnership that included Tony Foglio and London’s oldest wine and spirit merchant, Berry Bros. & Rudd and began expanding to incorporate a collection of super-premium artisanal spirits imported from around the world. In 2017, Anchor Distilling became Hotaling & Co. The new name is a nod to one of Anchor Distilling’s most beloved small batch whiskies (Old Potrero Hotaling’s Whiskey) and to the San Francisco legend A.P. Hotaling, who came out West during the Gold Rush and quickly became one of the most reputable spirits dealers in the country. Today, Hotaling & Co. celebrates exciting growth and achievements; marking its 26th year of distilling and its 10th year of commercially uniting artisan distillers from around the world and sharing their stories to discerning consumers.

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