ATHENS, Georgia — Hoochware, LLC is releasing a new software platform and changing their brand name to OnBatch, appealing to a broader market.

After several years operating under the name Hoochware, the distillery management software company is changing their name to OnBatch with the release of their new software.

The advanced software is a huge upgrade from the Hoochware brand with enhanced features and additions that make OnBatch a one-stop-shop for the entire regulated beverage industry.

With five years of updates and upgrades on the current platform, the company’s founder and CEO, Shawn Patrick, wanted to make an impact in other markets, while delivering on suggestions and concerns from those in the distillery industry.

It became clear, Patrick explained, that the only way to make Hoochware what he envisioned was to build an entirely new software platform from the ground up. Once that decision was made, OnBatch had life.

Patrick took what he learned in building Hoochware and conversations with leaders in the regulated beverage industry to create the new, dynamic process management system, OnBatch.

The new software will be available in stages. If you are interested in becoming an early adopter of this new innovative software solution, or to learn more about OnBatch and Shawn Patrick, visit or email at

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