Phoenix, Arizona – December 1, 2020 – This has been a hard year for new brands looking to expand into retail through the traditional method of working through corporate buyers at times. That’s why Edge Beverage created a new sales team division a few months ago, to help brands compete at the ground level with larger brands.

In early 2020, Managing Partners Phil Guana and James Williams had an out-pouring of requests from clients to help them sell their brands in cities across the country. Using their Fractional Services model, Edge is able to put sales people in the market for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time sales person and being represented by a professional sales person.

So in June of 2020, Edge Beverage created a new division to solve that problem. Starting in Florida, with 2 Sales Representatives, it has since expanded to California, Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois, New York and New Jersey. “We now have 10 sales people across the country working at the street level selling our clients brands into Independent Off Premise and limited On Premise locations (due to Covid-19) at this time” says Phil Guana. These are full-time employees and not contractors or brokers. “We felt it was important to hire employees and provide full benefits, to give them a sense of ownership and security as well as being able to train them, how we sell brands here at Edge Beverage” said James Williams. Edge is expecting to add 3 more markets by the end of Q2 and a total of 5 more in 2021.

Edge Beverage continues its commitment to its clients and giving them every tool possible to succeed in this very difficult beverage sales landscape. There are few options for small brands to have a presence in the market short of hiring their own people. Distributors no longer are a sales option as they ignore the small brands and only focus on their top sellers, or bring on small brands to “take them off the market” so they can’t compete with their larger brands, in essence killing the brand in those markets.

Edge Beverage is the country’s top Retail Sales Consultants, helping small and Mid-sized brands grow their retail presence. Since 2016 Edge Beverage Consulting ( has been an industry changing team of Retail sales professionals, who’s sole focus is helping brands gain retail presence through their network of chain buyers across the county as well as provide Sales people in key markets across the country to sell directly to Independent Off and On Premise accounts. Using a Fractional Services Model it allows brands to have access to retailers at a fraction of the cost of hiring a National Accounts Executive or full times sales people in the market.


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