“The Scoma’s Blonde” Is New Flagship Beer of Scoma’s Iconic Seafood Restaurant

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – San Francisco-based HolyCraft Brewery announced its partnership with Scoma’s, one of San Francisco’s most historic seafood restaurants, to create to create The Scoma’s Blonde, which they affectionately call “The Cheryl” after Al Scoma’s oldest daughter and wife, who both happen to be blonde.

Founded by San Francisco natives Steve Seto (CEO) and Philip Fabian (Master Brewer), HolyCraft is recognized for crafting beer recipes inspired by iconic San Francisco restaurants – and The Scoma’s Blonde is no exception.

The new brew is a single-hopped Blonde Ale made with fresh Cascade hops from the Pacific Northwest, with a delicate malt build. This beer is low in alcohol at just 4.7%, which makes it suitable for drinking over a long period of time– like over a three-four course meal enjoyed amongst friends and family.

“The Scoma’s Blonde” is an incredibly simple beer to drink. It’s not overpowering and is perfectly paired to be enjoyed with seafood,” explained HolyCraft’s Master Brewer, Philip Fabian.

The Scoma Family has a history of forging relationships with local businesses. From the opening of its restaurant in 1965, Scoma has partnered with local fishermen to purchase their daily catch. A fish- receiving station was built on Scoma’s pier, where you can still watch boats drop off their catch as they arrive each morning from the Pacific.

The restaurant’s attention to bringing the freshest, yet most sustainable seafood in the city is a high caliber that HolyCraft founders want its own beer to achieve.

“We have been incredibly honored by the opportunity to collaborate with Scoma’s Restaurant to create a perfectly balanced beer that suits their seafood menu,” shared Steve Seto, co-founder and CEO of HolyCraft Brewery. “Scoma’s Restaurant is a San Francisco institution that has served people from all walks of life throughout the decades it has been a part of our city. It’s a tradition that we at HolyCraft can hope to someday live up to.”

Every single bite, from Scoma’s freshly caught Dungeness crab to their eminent seafood cioppino, is bright, flavorful and memorable after a sip of this new blonde ale, brewed in partnership with Scoma’s.

The Scoma’s Blonde can be found at Scoma’s Restaurant at 1965 Al Scoma Way in San Francisco, CA, as well as the HolyCraft Taproom, located at 787 Broadway Street in San Francisco.

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