Lazy Valley Winery was licensed in 2007. Copper Moon Distillery was licensed in 2014. The winery makes, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, white zinfandel, red zinfandel, an orange muscat, a petite nebbiolo I made for my daughters, Shannon, and Emily, and a really deep, rich, bold red called Old Frog.


Share a proud professional moment

My best professional moment was the birth of Copper Moon Distillery’s double barrel bourbon—and watching the smiles on people’s faces when they enjoyed it.


What’s been your biggest challenge in 2020?

The biggest challenge in 2020 was keeping up with the demand of all the products. I’m happy and grateful for the following Copper Moon Distillery products have!


What keeps you grounded?

The 10- to 12-hour workdays, Monday through Saturday. Running a distillery, keeping it going, is a constant challenge—the work involved, and how it stays with you when your home. You never really stop thinking about the business.


What beverage is inspiring you right now?

The natural flavored spritzers are sparking my interest. Beyond that, there’s one individual who strictly makes rum, Jonny Ver Planck; he’s like “the rum guru.” When I wanted to learn the art of rum making, Jonny didn’t hesitate when I called him. He opened his spell book to me.

Overall, I really have admiration for people who aren’t selfish and help others just because it’s their nature.


How does it feel to be one of the Most Admired?

I’m very humbled, grateful, and honored. I cannot give enough thanks to all the individuals who nominated the distillery and myself. Thank you very much.