Launched on National Rum Day: empower, catalyze change and drive sustainable business practices in the Rum spirit category

The Sustainable Rum Summit (SRS), as the initiative is called, aspires to convene  and disseminate knowledge and networking that would enable businesses, up and down the value chain, to adopt better social and environmental business practices.

Adapting to a changing environment and consumer attitude
The rum industry has its sustainability challenges. Fortunately, the sector, guided by its industry leaders  continues to improve its business practices. However, the efforts underway are not enough. The knowledge, and network on sustainability are fragmented. Moreover many of the ‘best practices’ around, are business cases from the bigger rum brands.

Transparency & accountability in the supply chain
What can and or should a craft rum distiller do in terms of making the business more sustainable. What can (local) governments do, what can (rum) spirit associations offer to their members. what is the role of community based organizations (NGOs), and how does finance fit into this picture?

Being the lead spirit category on sustainability
The Summit aims to bring together craft distillers,  industry leaders, policymakers, distributors / retailers, promoters, investors and researchers to engage and share ideas with the rum community. These solutions will incorporate topics on research, policies, access to finance, and innovative design, in order to create the resilient and sustainable Rum brands of tomorrow.

Virtual events: Annual summit and standalone webinars deep diving into the different steps  in the rum making process. Showcasing research, business cases and more from industry peers.

Library: Online collection of research papers, business cases, publications and tools, provided by the global rum industry community.

Market place: Place your query (essentially meant for distillers) to the community and find the right partner to help you. “Help A Distiller Out” principle.

Call to Action: Join the Sustainable Rum Summit
The summit is more than an online platform; We aim to host a community, where you can network, gain insights through available content (tools, case studies, research papers) and engage in other summit webinars deep-diving into specific topics.

The Sustainable Rum Summit (SRS) is an affiliate – personal initiative – from The Rum Barrel company, The Netherlands. The Rum Barrel is a boutique advisory firm and broker for craft distillers. Focus is on support in access to (new) markets and access to growth capital.

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