Shaker33 has reinvented the cocktail shaker to make it more user/mixer friendly

Like many aspects of the drinks business, change has come slowly to the design of the cocktail shaker, which has remained virtually unchanged since its debut in 1884. But San Francisco-based has, ahem, shaken things up with a new concept that eliminates many of the less-than-ideal aspects of making a perfect martini.

Shaker33’s patent-pending design prevents leaks, sticking lids, pouring difficulty, cold hands, and slipperiness. Other features include a transparent top section that makes it easier to monitor your mixes and a double-sided strainer (for fast or fine pours) that nests in the lid to reduce bar-top messes. It’s also available in a variety of finishes and color accents, so whether your space has a fun and funky vibe or a more straight-laced image, you’ll be able to match the mood.