This year’s signature cocktail for the holiday season might just be the Holiday Punch made with Dewar’s 12. Served in a bowl, the large-format cocktail doubles as a beautiful centerpiece. With perfectly poised notes of warm vanilla and honey and cranberries combined with cinnamon spice you’ll be more than happy with a glass or two…or three.

Dewar’s Holiday Punch 

·       1 x 750ml Dewar’s 12

·       8x toasted cinnamon sticks

·       8oz granulated sugar

·       4oz ginger juice

·       6oz lemon juice

·       4oz unsweetened cranberry juice

·       6oz Madeira

·       1x bottle sparkling wine

·       soda water to taste

·       large format ice

Toast cinnamon sticks and infuse in Dewar’s 12 overnight and strain in the morning. Mix sugar and juices until completely dissolved and incorporated. Blend with Madeira and infused Dewar’s 12. Add sparkling wine and soda water to taste. Serve in punch bowl over large format ice and dust with grated nutmeg. Serve in punch cups over ice and garnish with fresh cranberries.