Scottish Kings, an ultra-premium, limited-distribution gin distilled in the Scottish Highlands, introduced availability in New York City and Colorado in 2019. Almost immediately the gin received top awards in worldwide competitions, due to its unique approach of embracing a spirit with a balance of six flavor profiles.

“Many gins today are trying to be unique by being ‘forward something’,” says Randy Miller, founder and owner of Scottish Kings. “Approaching gin with the sensibilities and craft of fine scotch, we have produced what is perhaps the smoothest gin in history.”

Scottish Kings is distilled in small batches on a rural Highland farm using quality botanicals and the famously pure waters of Scotland. Miller is a career journalist from Boulder, Colorado, and formed Scottish Kings with one mission in mind: To create the most desirable gin in history while uniting those who value uncompromising quality, exquisite taste, and a gin as unique as its birthplace.

“Similar to the farm-to-table movement in the U.S.A., Scottish Kings is created on a small farm in the remote Scottish Highlands where the air comes off the Arctic Circle and the water is clean and pure,” said Miller.

“The environment has a huge impact on the final product. After three years spent in recipe development, with a selection of unique botanicals (like basil and rose petal) we got what we wanted – a gin that is pure and smooth with a balanced flavor profile,” he said. “Scottish Kings is rooted in London Dry tradition but with the advantages of hand-crafted processes in the remote Highlands. That’s why we call it Highland Dry.“

Receiving a Double Gold Medal (meaning a unanimous choice by all the judges) from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in both of its first two years, Scottish Kings Gin was called “among the finest products in the world.”  And it was awarded an “Exceptional” 93 Point rating and a Gold Medal from The International Review of Spirits conducted by the Beverage Tasting Institute/

Scottish Kings is now available online at and in select luxury restaurants, bars, and spirit retailers in Colorado and New York (

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