CAMPBELL, CALIF – Surreal Brewing Company continues to innovate during these uncertain times and is happy to announce the latest addition to its lineup of non-alcoholic craft beer. Milkshake IPA is the latest creation by Surreal Brewing founders Donna Hockey and Tammer Zein-El-Abedein, who developed this beer learning from their customers about the occasions they drink Surreal Beer and what is at the top of their wishlist. This brand new limited release ignites the senses with notes of orange and other citrus complemented by vanilla and just a hint of sweetness.  

Their Milkshake IPA will be part of the company’s Dessert Series, joining Surreal Brewing’s Pastry Porter, released back in January 2020. 

“It’s the perfect indulgence for summertime and you can still maintain your health goals,” says the founders. Milkshake IPA is a health forward alternative to alcohol and sugary beverages. Made with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients, Surreal Brewing’s non-alcoholic craft beers are brewed to be a fraction of the calories of other NA beers. The brand’s core brews are all available starting at 17 calories per can, no sugar, low carbs, and two reduced gluten options: Chandelier Red IPA, Juicy Mavs Hazy IPA, 17 Mile Porter, and Natural Bridges Kolsch Style.  

Surreal’s Milkshake IPA will be available exclusively online at Surreal before selling in select stores. Surreal Brewing is currently offering free local delivery to Campbell, Los Gatos, and San Jose (within 5 miles of downtown Campbell.), serving a local community of 1.2 million, and $5 shipping to anywhere in the U.S. including Hawaii and Alaska, per 12 Pack.



Founded in Campbell, California by husband and wife team, Tammer Zein-El-Abedein and Donna Hockey, Surreal Brewing aims to fill a void in the marketplace with a variety of great-tasting non-alcoholic beverages. Surreal Brewing brings forth a new era in which health-conscious and sober individuals can still enjoy the unique, crisp flavor of beer anytime while maintaining their health goals and feeling included at social gatherings.

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