Chicagoland based Skeptic Distillery has solidified distribution in three new Midwestern states for the new year.  Expanding outward from Illinois, Skeptic began distribution in Arkansas in November with Arkansas Wine and Spirits. Shortly thereafter, they struck up a deal with Speakeasy Distribution in Kansas with an estimated launch date at the beginning of February 2020.  Not content to stop there, they also signed up with Boardwalk Distribution for a March 2020 launch in Oklahoma. The brand is already widely available in Illinois and Alaska but is quickly popping up throughout the Midwest with plans to continue expanding both outward and inward!

Skeptic Distillery calls itself a craft distillery located at the intersection of craft and science. They employ a process of cold vacuum distillation for all of their products, which involves distilling spirits at natural temperatures using a custom-built vacuum still as opposed to traditional high-heat methods. The resulting multi award winning spirits are smooth, versatile, and preserve delicate flavors and aromas for a fresh, vibrant taste.

Currently producing gin and vodka, Skeptic also has big plans for new brand extensions beginning with a tequila barrel aged gin and a line of whiskeys distilled under vacuum from a variety of craft beer styles.  The vodka and gin are both corn based, naturally gluten free, and free of artificial additives or sugars. Both have been reviewed by Wine Enthusiast at 90 points or more and the gin was recently featured on their list of the Top 100 Spirits in the World. While the vodka is crisp and clean with a subtle sweetness, the gin boasts a tropical twist with nine unique botanicals including mango, hibiscus, grapefruit peel, and pear. Let’s just say this is not your grandfather’s gin!


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