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Craft Wine Association Introduces Nxt Crush
Nxt Crush and Creekstone Creative provide game-changing access to craft wineries

Salem, OR, (September, 23, 2019) — The Craft Wine Association (CWA), announces an online, certified craft wine, marketplace called Nxt Crush. Nxt Crush is powered by VinoShipper, one of the largest wine-industry, Direct to Consumer compliance organizations in the United States.

Nxt Crush is disrupting the way small wineries have access to a national marketplace.
With Nxt Crush, CWA offers small wineries an extremely affordable opportunity to compete in the Direct to Consumer market. Removing the barriers to entry for wineries looking to expand their market presence while assuring all sales go directly back to the wineries themselves. Purchases happen as though customers are buying direct from wineries on their individual websites.

This is a formidable addition to the CWA’s mission to help small wineries compete.
The Craft Wine Association will actively market Nxt Crush, individual wines, and participating certified craft wineries, in time for holiday sales and beyond.

To qualify for Nxt Crush, wineries must be a Certified Craft Winery member of the Craft Wine Association and a VinoShipper partner. The CWA Association has created fast-track opportunities for interested wineries to get on board with Nxt. Crush.

About Us
Carole Lawson, is CWA’s founder and CEO. She is also founder and chief data officer of a top artificial intelligence–based advertising agency, Creekstone Creative. Creekstone serves multiple partners in the wine and spirits industry and has teamed with CWA to level the playing field for craft wineries. Small wineries represented on Nxt Crush, aided by artificial intelligence, will achieve the same advertising placement capabilities as major corporations and the largest wine conglomerates in the world.

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The Craft Wine Association was founded in 2016 and went live in 2018 with the goal of creating a national marketplace for Craft Wine while striving to close the economies of scale gap between small production wine and wines produced through industrial processes.

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